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All immigration fees raised – and more!

I wasn’t sure if (or how long) it would take to raise the $2000 for Caleb’s immigration fees.  Since I’m not in regular contact anymore with all of you who so faithfully supported us in in Romania, I wasn’t sure if it would be hit or miss to raise the funds for the fees.  Turned out it was HIT and I was blown away by the response – not just financial, but encouragement and prayer.  Such a reminder of how God so clearly has His hand over Caleb’s life.

As you all knew, I already had $550 towards the fees.  This came from an insurance settlement on my car in Romania.  Those that bought my car from me split the settlement.  I only needed an additional $1450.  But, amazing!, you all gave an additional $1915.00!  I spoke with those who split the settlement with me and asked them to take the majority of it back since God provided more than I could have asked for through all of you.  So filled with praise!

Have I ever shared a story of what someone saw when they were praying for Caleb and I back in 2005?  It was a friend who was also living in Romania.  She was praying, along with many of us, on a day that was pretty emotional for me.  Caleb’s social worker had to track down his birth Mom to have her resign his abandonment papers (a process that had to be redone every 3-6 months).  She called me up and said that while she had been praying she saw a chess board.  Each piece on the chess board was someone involved with Caleb and the adoption process: Me, him, his birth Mom, the social workers etc…  Then she saw God’s hand moving every piece exactly into place where He wanted them to be.  

This vision is something that I have desperately held onto over these past 9 years.  This adoption was very much like chess – extremely long, with many different pieces.  Oftentimes what happened was not what I would have chosen or not what I would have expected.  But, the Lord knew what He was doing – He knew.

Thank you, again, for supporting us in this journey.  


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