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Immigration, here we come!

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Hello, everyone!

It has been awhile since I’ve used this blog.  When I do it kind of feels like “coming home.”  So many years of stories holding joys & sorrows, and desperate prayer requests sent to all of you.  Bringing those to you became my familiar.  God built all of you into such an incredible foundation that securely kept Caleb and I during our 8 years in Romania.
Thank you for being a part of that…
August 10th marked the 2 year anniversary of Caleb’s adoption.  Can you believe it?  I dug through my e-mails and found the very first e-mail in which I made mention of Caleb (Attila) to all of you.  Close friends and family had been hearing of him for months, as I hesitantly shared how I felt God directing that relationship.  I remember being very nervous to even type the little I wrote to all of you, below – back in 2004.
And, finally one pretty big issue for you all to pray about!  I have not mentioned a little boy at Casa Alba in my updates, named Attila, because it seemed that the situation with Hope was “more desperate.”  But, since August this little baby of 5 months has been a part of my heart.  And recently, it seems that God is expanding and deepening that love to the point where I feel He is leading me to pray about adoption. I have been praying about this for about a month and only have 1 more week to make a decision(November 1st).  The process is that I would become his legal guardian and then from that point on I would have the opportunity to adopt.  But, all of this must be done before January 1st as there is a new law going into effect on that date that there are no international adoptions of any kind.  If my paper work is in order before hand then there is opportunity for me to do so.  Doing so would mean a longer time here in Marghita – perhaps even three more years as well as a life time commitment by having a child! : )
So, please pray….
7 years later I wrote the following blog post:
Sigh. Hallelujah!
And now, we come to the final stage of the adoption process.  Since 2 official years have passed since the adoption was finalized he can now move forward to becoming an American citizen.  (We will also keep his Romanian citizenship.)
I have spent the summer gathering necessary documents and now I need to work on gathering the support to file the request.  We have a wonderful lawyer who is doing the process for free (normally her fee, if she charged us “nothing”, would be $3000).  With that blessing we only need to raise an additional $2000 to cover the application fees and the official doctor’s visit (required to turn in your application for citizenship.)
$550 of this is already raised so we are only needing $1450 more.  Would you consider making a donation of $10 to help us with Caleb’s citizenship fees?
You can give online and please designate it for “Caleb.”  All gifts will be receipted for tax purposes.
My goal is to have all the money raised by September 18th.
Thank you for your hearts that have held Caleb and I so closely for so many years.
PS 1. We’re still in Denver.  I’m full time at Mile HIgh Ministries as their Development Officer. Love MHM!!
PS 2. We moved in with another family on staff at MHM on  July 1 to both be able to enjoy living in a house, with a yard, while sharing expenses to help save some $.  Only thing is we’re seeing that God had a much higher plan for us in moving our families together…we all feel this will be (and has been for 2 months now) an incredible experience of understanding God’s heart for community.
 PS 3. You can read some about the move and the beautiful people Caleb and I share a home with now here:
PS 4. Caleb started 3rd grade on Monday.  Their room is on the top floor of the elementary school.  His comment “Mom, the swamp cooler in our room smells like a dead skunk.”  Love my son!

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  1. We will be sending some. Can you keep us updated on when you reach your goal? Blessing.


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