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About Kels and Caleb

Life in Denver.  That’s where God has us now.  Me and Caleb that is.  Life in Romania.  That’s where God had us, for 8 years.

Caleb is 9 and I’m 23 more than that.  I love Jesus, love that He has called us to serve here in Denver and love that he had us living/loving in Romania.   I moved there in August of 2004 “just for 6 months.”  Yup, it ended up being a bit longer than that.

This blog is a snapshot into some of what we journey through on a daily basis.  But, maybe it’s not updated daily…sorry about that.

Maybe some people would call me a missionary because of where I lived and the nature of work I did.  I think anyone who loves Jesus is a missionary…even if you’re working the drive through somewhere.   Just that God had led me to serve Him in Romania for awhile before heading back to a 9-5 in the States.  But, I’m open to living and serving God anywhere.  Caleb’s adoption  finished (WOW!) in August 2011 and we headed to the States for 4 months to finally catch up with what has happened in our family over the past 8 years.  During this time away the Lord made clear that we were to take steps out of Romania and into a new job, new city, new friends and new journey to Denver, Colorado.  This leading was totally unexpected – how in the world would we get used to living in the States?  Yikes!  We are a year into Life in Denver now and I can still say we are so excited to continue our journey here because we know the Lord has prepared this place to be our home for the time being.  Living in Denver allows us to be closer to family and still live among people who have not been dealt an easy hand in life.  So, kind of a Romania meets the States situation 🙂  Easy it is not.  Abounding joy there is.

To read postings from the past few years head to :


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  1. Hi Kesley,

    Just thinking of you and wanted to say hi! 🙂

    I pray for you my friend!!!


  2. Lori Campbell

    I’m just now figuring out I can get notifications when you update!!! So, I’m entering this so I can 🙂

  3. Hi Kelsey, I’m a missionary serving in Tijuana, Mexico. I’ve followed your blog off and on for a few years now, since I started looking into different mission organizations (CTEN being one that I considered but ended up going in a different direction). There’s been some big changes in my ministry assignment and within my current missions organization, as well as the direction in which I believe God is calling me, so I’d be interested in hearing more about your personal experience with CTEN! You can contact me by email if you’d be willing to share. Thanks so much!

  4. Nice to see this blog and some snapshots of your life, Kelsey! Look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks… and thankful for your help in some logistics for the visit.

  5. Hi Kelsey,
    I am Timea from Romania from Marghita.And I am so happy for you and for your work here in our town.I hope you feel very vell in Marghita.Dear Kelsey ,your work for our Lord Jesus is wonderful,may God richly bless you,and your family and your beautiful son.
    God bless you

  6. Kelsey,

    My wife and I adopted a little girl from Marghita 9 1/2 years ago. Her name was Melinda Hamza and now is Melinda Sabina Robbins. She was living in Casa Alba orphanage. She is the love of our lives, she is now 12. She began praying three years ago for a baby brother named Caleb, almost every night. About 7 months ago Social Services called and asked if we would take a little boy named Caleb for about a month, we still have him and believe that he is the answer to Melinda’s prayers. We are so proud of you. Thank you for the work you are doing.
    God Bless,

  7. Steve Strayer

    Hi Kelsey and Caleb!

    Carrie and I miss you both bunches and hope you are both doing well. We LOVE the pictures! You are in our daily prayers and
    we know God has amazing things in store for you and Caleb. Even though the adoption process has been slow and stressful at times, just know that God’s timing never fails and neither will His love you the both of you. Keep your head held high! You’re an incredible inspiration to MANY and me! This could be the first day of a lifetime of more blessings in your future together!
    Love you guys,
    Steve Strayer


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