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Difficult days yesterday & today. Working with some of these special ones, in their 20s, can take more patience than the 2s & 3s stage. Being torn to pieces with every swear word & insult in the Romanian language yesterday & today being met with hard eyes & spirit while discussing tiny incidents, from months back, that led to destructive, explosive behaviors. Both of these persons saying the same…I want to be loved & have unorthodox ways of showing that need & the fear of not getting that need fulfilled. Sigh. During these times you feel the ache so much stronger to just love with a God given love. You come to realize, quickly, that your own emotional strength and mental processing can do so very little for them. They need the unchanging, grace-filled, compassionate, never ending, hope giving, chosen, leading, patient love of the Father…and nothing else.

But tonight. What an incredible surprise. My dear friend from Scotland made a surprise visit, with her husband. Just spent some hours with her tonight once Caleb was in bed. They are such a part of me & Caleb’s story. Couldn’t have imagined a better evening.

Will head off to Debrecen in the morning & do some swimming with our friends before catching the train to Budapest. Our flight leaves at 6am on Wednesday & we will arrive back 6:30pm in Denver on Wednesday as well.

So ready to be back home. So thankful for this time we have had but I’m so missing Denver. I think Caleb, though, would be more than happy with “another 6 weeks” as he put it the other day. đŸ™‚


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  1. Kels- i have been so enjoying these updates, and praying for you guys every time i click over to read another. i’m so glad you’re able to be ‘home’ in both places.

    so much love and grace to both you and Caleb. xx

  2. Jamie STopher

    So thrilled you and Caleb have been able to make this trip. It was God’s gift for you two to GET and GIVE:)
    Kisses before you leave to Alex! Also, tell Cracuin we miss him.

  3. Kels, send me an email! I’ve tried messaging you and it’s not working. I miss you!


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