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Chocolate bar of choice to whoever can figure out what Caleb is eating in this picture. We think he ate 16 in all. Leave a comment with your guess.


Started off with the Friday, outdoor market bright & early today. It’s Hungarian Easter this weekend so it was packed. Streets were a mess of horse drawn carts & cars, the market a mess of vegetables & assorted Easter animals ready to be sold for Easter Monday dinner. Lambs, goats, chickens etc… Oh I love the market. Picked up a few things to take back to Denver.


Headed over to the team house after the market for my cooking day. We are so few…only 13 to cook for? Decided to do tacos/burritos. Made beans overnight. Turned out amazing.
Left to translate for someone & left the cake in the oven. Yikes! Turned out more crispy than cake. Still though, my proudest moment of my cooking day was around the dishes. Those of you who are familiar with my cooking at Herculane will understand the significance of this photo. Yes, that’s right. ONE drying rack only. AND I washed them all myself!


(Happy Burrito eater = More than willing to make cappuccinos for whoever wanted after lunch = Happy Kelsey.)

Spent the evening with the Bjork family & their BBQ.



His poses by the grill almost outdo the food. Court, I understand if you’d like this photo printed & framed. Ha! He set the bar high tonight. Jonte has now mastered smoking his own pork belly to make bacon. We ate it tonight in the beans. I think I’ll just stick to being your arch enemy in the kitchen when it comes to Twinkie bake offs. :). Nicely done sir!


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  1. your dad thinks Caleb is eating Rocky Mtn oysters:)

  2. how bout bbq beans?


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