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I sat here typing out everything that happened today. There was a lot of me being angry & sad.

But just now M called to say thank you for what we did, him, Caleb & I, for his birthday today. That was huge for him to do that, unprompted.

So now I deleted all of the crap drama of today & decided to just share a few glimpses of joy from today, instead.

Bday lunch for M at McDonalds!

Caleb in the middle of a “I got a strike” dance. (His Mom almost reached a score of 198 today by coming in 3rd with 56.)

Who wouldn’t want a taco from here??



Could not believe I was able to see these girls, and a few more. I love them so. You should have seen their faces when I walked through the door to their room! I hugged the living daylights out of each one. A few were missing but i got to see 6 of them. And they got me in touch with “my girl.” Oh my, was able to speak with her on the phone. She was so excited. Oh gosh. Will spend Sunday with her.
We’ve been talking of beauty & affliction in staff meetings. This group of girls, in particular, have come to mind more than once during those discussions.

I’m cooking for the team tomorrow so need to get to the Friday market early. I lost the ring I’ve had on my finger, since I was 13, tonight. It’s irreplaceable & I cannot believe it slipped off. Sigh. I checked the pot of beans I prepared for tomorrow’s lunch, twice. No ring. I never take it off…feels so weird without it. Huge bummer.

Ok, time for bed. Noapte Buna!

Oh, almost forgot. Amenda. Got one today. I’ve talked my way out of every one while living here. Been pulled over numerous times but only given warnings. Until today. Today I sat, staring out my rainy windshield, and received my first ever speeding ticket here. It was kind of funny, actually!


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