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Monday Night

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Well it’s Monday night. That means team meeting & time of worship together. God really laid Monday nights on the hearts of a few others while I was gone last Fall & after we moved away. Very thankful for this… Still is nice though to be a part of leading it again. (Along with the help of the MHM song books, of course! I remember when Scott first brought them to us some years ago.)

And it’s snowing. Through lunchtime tomorrow they say. Hoping the bitter cold weather will freeze over the huge mud puddles so that I can make it out with a delayed family package to a poor family that lives quite far away. So many times I’ve gotten stuck in the mud heading out there. But if it freezes over I think I can get out to them.


Thank you for your prayers…Caleb slept the entire night without any stomach pains. Nor has he complained of them at all today! I slept 8hrs straight which was a first, other than when we 1st arrived. I really needed that. Maybe IU beating Temple had something to do with that? Ha!


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  1. IU is definitely medicinal!!!


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