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So much beauty today in so many different faces.

Headed to our little church this morning. Happens to be just down the road from the (now privately run) state orphanage. Had debated whether or not to go there today as well but decided on no. Wouldn’t be enough time. 20 min late to church, whoops!, and as I entered I was greeted by the most beautiful, smiling, surprised faces all sitting in the back rows. I had decided not to go to the orphanage but a huge group of them had decided to come to church. I cannot even describe what it was like to see them and hug them like crazy. Their little, and some not so little, arms wrapped around me…refusing to let go. And I didn’t want to let go either. Some were standoffish & didn’t want me to come near them. To be expected as well. But oh I had no idea they would be there. I finally found a seat and then the tears came. There is a love inside of me for these kids that I have never been capable of creating on my own nor do I feel worthy enough to have. What an extraordinary honor it is to be allowed to know them.
I think Tuesday I will try to see all of them. I’ll head over once they’re out of school.


Invited M over this afternoon & cooked him dinner. He opened up a lot about his childhood. How vivid his memories are of all the beatings & abuse. He has come so far in life.

Walked him home to the transitional housing for our young adults. He & Caleb rough housed it the entire 25 minute walk. So much fun. Why not provoke every guard dog behind every home’s metal gate?

While at this center was able to catch up with someone I hadn’t seen in awhile. They’ve been involved in prostitution & drugs in another country but decided to leave all of that now. The details they sadly shared made me sick to hear. But how easy it is to enter into that life when you’ve grown up in a sexually abusive environment at the orphanage. They talked about God forgiving them… Yes, yes He has. It was such a sweet time with her.

She & another walked Caleb & I home tonight. The park was so beautiful


Caleb & I stopped at the little store that sells individual cakes on the way home. I decided today has held quite a bit so mine, as of 30 seconds ago, is now gone. Time for some tea & then bed. Rough night for both Caleb & I yesterday. If you could please pray for him…he is having a lot of stomach pain. Some days in a row now. Causing him to feel really sick when he eats & when it’s bed time. Thanks!


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