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Friends & Fire Alarms

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I set the fire alarms off tonight making dinner for our friends. Kind of fun since I was actually cooking in our place. As in I have a stove, oven, full sized fridge right where we’re living. I love the community we live in, in Denver but there are days when I really miss this kitchen here…and miss having a kitchen in our home.

Day spent with friends. Laughter over coffee for me and laughter over Lego for Caleb.

Spent some minutes in our Depot (donation warehouse) pulling together a food package for Hope’s family. Remember Hope? Seems so long ago now that Court & I were handed that tiny, starving, dying little bundle of a baby at the hospital to care for. She was all bones & such a miracle that she lived. About broke us both when her parents found out she hadn’t died & realized they could get the State monthly child support $ if they took her back. I would do it all over again, though. I know Court would, too. Those 3 months were so special.

Her Dad called today needing food & clothes so that the Mom could get to Germany to work. Mushroom picking this time I think? So into the Depot I went. Never know what bulk items have arrived. Pallets full of baby food this time along with this concentrated asparagus soup. Hungry anyone? Reminded me a bit of our cupboards at JS…kind of full of peas these days.

Grabbed this & that, along with some PJs, socks etc… I met up with the Dad and then it started…$, $, $. Yeesh. For him it’s never enough. Glad that Court & I could tag team him today! It can be kind of overwhelming when he never stops asking even 30 seconds after we’ve given him something. It’s never easy to say No, though. They live in a tiny 1 room shack & are the very definition of poverty. Yet, they work every summer as field workers & pull in well over 10,000 euros for 3 months of work. But where does it go? Why did they not have the 15 Euros today to pay for her obligatory travel insurance? Both of us felt our hearts tug but we said no. Wasn’t easy. If we didn’t love that daughter of his so much… She’ll be 9 in June!

I’m not complaining about the more permanent Cozonac tent that had gone up. Mine was so hot this morning that the plastic bag was close to melting. 5Lei / can’t beat that price!

FYI – Caleb is a master Pufuleti constructor. One lick & they’ll stick to the next. He was pretty proud of his work this afternoon! I, on the other hand, had a hard time trying not to snack on them. But since I finished off his other bag last night when he was sleeping I decided to show some restraint…





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