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That little voice that told me I should pack winter boots, hats etc… It was right. I chose, instead, to believe the weather app on my phone. Fail for Kels. We couldn’t even make it to the outdoor market today. The massive puddles, mud, high winds & snow had us soaked just after the 4 block walk to the Posta.

Instead we met our dear Alex, just out of school. Sigh. Spent the whole day with him. Loved it all.
“I could hardly wait for you to come, Aunt Kelsey!” Ohhhhh Alex, me neither.
I was surprised by how easy it was, this time, to be with him knowing that we are no longer his family. Time does heal…it was good to feel that & good to see how much Alex has bonded with this foster family. Thank You Lord.

Made brownies. Shared brownies.

Went to Club with all our youth tonight. Lots of hugs given & gotten. And, was I ever not prepared for what God had in store for me. I have written many times over the years over our street kids. Aching for them & their futures. Feeling so helpless in how to help. Praying, praying for them. At the Club tonight there were 5, 6 of them maybe? They ran up to me, squeezing me in hugs. I was speechless… What? How? They’re clean, they’re smiling. So confused & surprised. They have now ended up at our foundation, in December I think?, and we were able to employ a family to live with them in one of our group foster homes. All during worship tonight I kept turning around to look at them & catch their eyes with a smile. I choked back tears quite a few times just overwhelmed with God’s ways & answers to prayer….even if years after.

Such hope.




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  1. Hey Kelsey. You’re on my short list of True Heroes and I never want to hear you say again that you can’t write. M’kay? Miss you and praying for your and Caleb’s time there.


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