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Placinta si Fika si Cartofi Pai, Oh my!

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The last time I slept until 10:45am was…ummm…never? Finally got Caleb up at 11:30am.

Spent the day with friends, walking the streets, enjoying all of the familiar smells (some missed more than others), noticing all of the changes in town & making up for lost time with our favorite foods here. Ha!

Caleb was in friend heaven today. All day with Laz & Cristi. Seeing him so relaxed and happy with those who he knows so well & who know him so well…sigh. Such a joy.

I was in Fika heaven today. 2 with Katie and 1 with Simon. Oh gosh. Loved every minute. I also have a feeling that cappuccino Simon made me at 5pm is the reason why I’m not tired now at 10pm.

Spent a few hours with M. Been rough going for him for some months now. I know he’s really struggling I was so anxious to see him straight away. Our conversation moved to forgiveness. It makes me so angry that our kids are taught here that if you have messed up you no longer have a relationship with God. Until, of course, you do enough good to enter back into His good graces of forgiveness. Over Cartofi Pai, and using a plastic fork to represent God’s forgiveness, we discussed forgiveness…God’s forgiveness. So freely & lovingly given. Not dependent on a place or how well we’re doing in life. Anytime. Anyplace. Anyone.

I haven’t lived his life. Didn’t grow up & call “home” the Hell & horrors of the abusive Popesti State orphanage. Haven’t lived in a culture where I was considered scum & an outcast simply because of my ethnicity & being abandoned at birth. I have parents. He has so much against him everyday. What’s amazing, and I am so proud of him for, is his willingness to be honest about the good & the bad. And, he’s so loving. His heart seems always ready to give…despite having every reason to be just the opposite. God is working a GOOD work in him. I saw that today.
Please pray for him. He’s been going through some rough months & hasn’t been easy to be around. Heard that from multiple adults today.


Was it really necessary to raise the prices by 50bani? By the way, totally made my day catching up with the Placinte ladies! They were really excited we were back & so, so kind in their words to us.<!

Recent pageant put on by one of the Baptist churches in town. Even not speaking Romanian I’m sure you all get the drift of the plot.


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  1. Melanie Dewey

    Love you, :Love you. Love you, M!! Thanks for your abundant love, Kelsey. So full of the love of Jesus! I am so heartbroken over the same things. And I’m SO PROUD of our kids. They are truly the most courageous and most beautiful people I know ANYWHERE!!

    See you soon, Caleb! (Sorry you missed a math test today–I know how sad that makes you :))

  2. Always love to hear the stories from RO. Ahhh, the sites and smells of Marghita. I, too, am saddened by the theology these kids are taught. Thank goodness they have people like you to show them unconditional love.


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