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Sounds like a new app for my iPhone: 31 Hrs. Actually though that’s how long Caleb went before he crashed 21 minutes ago. With only 3 hrs of sleep across 3 flights you have to admit that’s not too bad! Can I just say, quickly, that my son & I had a really great time together during our 31 hr journey? I’m really thankful for that uninterrupted time we had together. Awesome.
We started off our trip with an immediate flight cancellation at 6:30am and added 5 hr wait ( until our rebooking.) We ended our trip by arriving to a freezing cold apartment where a dear friend was trying his darnedest to get said heat going. While I definitely had thought through what we would do first in Marghita it definitely wasn’t calling the heater installer & waiting the 2 hrs for him to show up. Ha! I sent Caleb up the street to be with his friends while I waited for the repairman. The fact that he even came this ‘late’ at night AND came within a couple of hours? Unheard of. Thank You Lord! My Romanian got a kick in the butt having to use all of my heater & fix it vocab.
Eating Potato Corn Soup with Katie, Court & Jonte tonight while our boys so easily fell back into their familiar play & friendships felt so, so good. Interesting that even in the midst of these first few hours of being back that I can feel how Denver has become home for us now.
Caleb is ticked because they ripped up the entire playground next to us. Yikes! Tomorrow we begin meeting with some of the kids. I cannot wait!



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