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Annnd back to Romania!

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Well, not to live.  But to visit, often!

I know the Lord called us to Denver.  Knowing this, though, has not helped with feeling that our time in Romania was not finished.  It has helped us, slowly, inch forward into beginning to know Denver as “home.”

So many relationships left to expensive, overseas phone calls or to a complete breakdown of any type of communication.  Who is advocating for them?  Who has stepped in once I left?  Who is listening to their daily struggles?  Who is encouraging them?  Who is helping to guide them as they near their time to leave the orphanage, or to leave the transitional housing programs they are in?

I think often on some of the poor families we were especially close with.  Wondering how they are coping this winter?  The kids begging for food outside of the grocery store.  Are they in school?  How big have they grown?  Is someone giving them hugs and hot dogs?

There were dreams and plans for all of the above that seemed to be cut off, and left hanging, when we moved away.  I couldn’t see, though, how it was possible to be “in” Romania while living in Denver.

But oh how the Lord does know best.  So I’m back at the raising support monthly, while continually asking the Lord to shape me & my son’s hearts to love Denver as home.  An interesting combo, for sure.  Something, though, that I am excited to see develop and grow.  Thanks to the Loving Arms Team (an affiliate ministry of Mile High Ministries, where I work) Caleb and I are now committed to long term ministry in Romania, along with an incredible group of people doing the same,…but from Denver.  This means that we will be making trips, often, to Romania and we will continue to live and work in Denver in between.

My heart, from the first moment I stepped foot in Romania (2003), has belonged there.  In my thankfulness and excitement for the Lord allowing Caleb & I to join the Loving Arms Team, I also see him freeing my heart to belong to Denver, too.  It doesn’t have to be one or the other, now.  Something I have struggled with all these months since our move.

It’s so completely humbling to know at the end of each day, regardless of the happenings, that there is such a firm, loving foundation of Christ in my life.

Interested in giving towards our going?  Just, please, designate the funds: Kelsey Winters – LAT

On a fun note, the blog will be regularly updated now.  Yup, it will 🙂







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