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As in bike.  As in someone, probably in a drunken state, dumped a bike in my brother and sister in law’s front flower garden last month.  No lock and 2 fairly flat tires.  I left it there for 3 days thinking the owner would remember and return to the spot but kind of secretly hoping Jesus would just give me the bike.  I’m just being honest!

I’ve been searching craigslist for bikes under $50, since middle of August, with no luck.  Oh, there were tons of bikes posted for under $50.  That wasn’t the issue.  Rather, it was the fact that there are some seriously crazy under $50 bike craigslist stalkers who snatch up each and every one within 2 seconds of it being posted.  Lame.  I responded to so-so many postings and, I thought, I did this within a reasonable amount of time (1-2 hours after being posted.)  Nothing.  I did this for a month and then came the bike in the front flower bed morning.

So that you don’t think I’m an awful bike stealing person I did follow some protocol before staking my claim.  1. My all-things-bike co-worker was immediately contacted.  I followed his advice of leaving it out front for the 3 days to see if the owner would return, or if someone else would steal it.  2. After the 3 days I contacted my used-to-race-mountain-bikes-on-ski-slopes brother and followed his advice of putting it in the backyard for a couple of weeks to see if anyway came asking for it.  3. I followed my own conscience’s bidding to speak to several neighbors and let them know what happened and where the green bike was if anyone asked them about it.  4. I took the bike after 3 weeks.  Thanks for the bike, Jesus!

The tires are now not flat (just needed air) so despite there being a few more things that will need to be taken care of (seat is a bit broken and wiggles/something is dragging on the tire when being ridden) it IS rideable.  Caleb could barely handle himself.  “MAMA!  WE CAN GO ON A BIKE RIDE TOGETHER NOW!”  The usual system is I go running and Caleb bikes ahead or behind me during the run.  I never had a bike in Romania so we’ve actually never been on a bike ride together.

This is a really long way to lead up to just a few photos of us biking this weekend through Cherry Creek State Park.  We went everywhere since I couldn’t tell which trail was leading where.  Some were paved, some were gravel, some were just bumpy single lane tracks through fields and up hills.  It was an awesome couple of hours.

One of the coolest parts of the bike adventure were the prairie dogs.  Poking their heads out of mounds EVERYWHERE.  Caleb ran straight up to their homes to check them out.  Littered all around their hills were bones.  He collected a bunch of them and was so happy to take them to school Monday morning.  I’ve found it pretty cool, too, to try and piece together the different bones as well as discuss with Caleb why the bones are there.





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