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I am now in the land all of foods that hail from Mexico.  Which, in my opinion, equals awesome.  When I walk into the group kitchen at the place where we live I literally walk into the culinary institute of salsa and chili rellenos.  Most of the residents there are single moms, most of them are Hispanic and they all love to cook.  I clearly will never be able to compete so I’ve resorted to begging….”Please, if I buy the ingredients will you teach me?”  I’ve learned, though, that the pumpkin bread I made last week can be just as powerful as begging.  Trading a half loaf of that scored me some amazing chicken filling for tacos and salsa verde!  I will have to say that the best that I’ve tried, in my almost two months of Denver living, would be the tacos from a food truck just a few blocks down the street.  Tacos Junior it’s called.  4 Tacos for $7 and that included cilantro/onion, plenty of lime and radishes, and 2 salsas.  The meat for the shredded beef and steak tacos was  Enough about tacos.

We moved to Denver.  We left Romania.  We left Romania.  We left Romania.  It just sits there, the weight of it, on my head and heart.  Pretty much everyday.  We left Romania.  I miss the people, the smells, our home, our friends, my little car, the food, the market, the colors, the community, our sense of purpose…

Caleb is a rock star.  Instead of fighting this transition he’s holding his little head and heart up high and trusting in the decision that his Mama made.  It hasn’t been easy for him but I am blown away by how much of himself he pours into making it work.  Oh, he misses his friends.  He misses his friends so much that it hurts me, on his behalf.  But his ache for them hasn’t overtaken his life here.  Thank You, Lord.

I love where we live.  It reminds me of Romania.  Lots of people and kids.  Many of them with very visible hurts and needs.  All of us just living together.  Sometimes easily and a lot of the time with struggle.  When we are home, here, I feel like I can breathe and I know who I am.  For those of you who don’t know, we are living as resident volunteers at Joshua Station.  Check it out.  We live here, but I also work and take part in the staff community here in exchange for living here.

My new job is cool.  A LOT of work but very cool.  Global Refuge International.  I really appreciate your prayers as our small team adapts to a new person (me) and as we continue to adjust to who is doing what and who is not doing what.  I think this has been the most difficult, so far.  Figuring out what I am supposed to do, how I’m supposed to do that, and what I am not supposed to be doing.  When you come from an environment of work is your lifestyle it’s take a bit to get used to a work day, so to speak.

It’s been really ‘trying’ in terms of church.  Yikes!  Why are there so many different styles?  Why are there so many that I don’t like?  Help!  If teaching is strong at one church, then there is nothing for kids at all.  If the community is very cool and diverse then the music is super disorganized.  If the kids program is great then it seems that church insists on starting and finishing all sunday activities within 32 minutes total.  It’s just a mess.  C’mon Denver.

Spending time each day reminding myself of how God is showing Himself faithful.  Today’s list would include some of the following.

-I know without a doubt that the Lord called us to move to Denver, to GRI, to JS and to our family that also lives here.

-Despite our finances being in the pits we had food to eat and $ to put in the gas tank all month.

-Caleb has a great friend who lives next door to us at JS.

-Caleb’s teacher is amazing.  She’s known us for many years and almost every night Caleb thanks Jesus that Melanie is his teacher.  She understands him and has helped in more ways than I’ll probably ever know in his transition to public school.

-I am in a work environment where I don’t fear the leadership and where there is mutual respect and consideration.

-I get to see my brother and sister-in-law, A LOT!  Caleb and his uncle are working on a model rocket.  Way cool.

Many more but no more time.  Will put some pictures up once I get around to uploading them 🙂  We don’t have internet yet where will live…hopefully today will be the day!



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  1. Hey there! Welcome back to the US, welcome to my hometown, welcome to delicious Mexican food! I’m so happy to hear you’re both doing well. Part of me wishes there were no struggles at all, but I know better than that. I hope to see you for a bit maybe in February. Hugs!!

  2. Robert Mark Robbins

    Thanks for all that you did to help the kids in Romania. Melinda Sabina, our 14 year old whom we adopted from Casa Alba 11 years ago is putting together a team to take to Romania next summer. I am sure that we will have questions, I hope that you will be available with some valuable insight.
    We will be praying that you find an amazing church that meets your needs.
    God Bless You,

    Rob Robbins

  3. Very good to read. Sad but also hope- and joyful. Bless you, friendos.

  4. Hi Kelsey! Giving praise for Caleb’s adjustment and will pray for continued adjustment for both of you!


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