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Tu si Eu

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I can’t post photos from camp, for the most part, since I can’t show the kids’ faces publicly.  But, this picture turned out so blurry that I realized I could post it. Ha!  

You and I (Tu si Eu) was the theme for the first week of camp.  This past week, and the next 2 weeks, the theme is Beloved (Preaiubit).

I was thinking this week, while sitting in on the small group time of the teenage boys, that being at camp – with these kids, is such an honor.  To be in their lives, to be able to love them, to watch them grow and to serve them.  There is no place I’d rather be this summer than at camp with these “Preaiubiti.”

It also leads me into a lot of thankfulness for “You and I” as without your constant encouragement, prayers, interest and finances I could not have this job.  Grateful.



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