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Camp! Packing! Packing! Camp!

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I’m sorry everyone.  This blog has been seriously neglected.  All that’s getting me through these days are Jesus, Words with Friends on FB and my son’s smiles.  Ha!

I know I have said that life is crazy in the past but I am telling you now – for real – life is crazy.  Close friends are leaving, along with 2 boys that Caleb has grown up with, and we are hectically trying to put on good bye parties while trying, somehow, to pack up our own apartment and handle the over full time responsibilities of camp.  This week was a no camp week.  I knew, some months ago, that this was THE week for packing up the apartment.  I’ve cleared out almost everything in the past couple of months.  What remains this week is the packing of it all.  And, my son is a rock star.  He, with the most amazing attitude, gave away almost ALL of his toys this week and decided which ones would stay in the box I told him we could take with us.

So, two pieces of luggage are sitting in the hallway now.  5 more to go.

And, can I just say, it makes me so sad to pack?  This is our home.  Marghita is our home.  The people Caleb has known as *family* since birth are here.  Our life is here.  8 years.  Feels like it’s been 20 with all that the Lord has done in our lives!  So.  I’m sad.  Sad to leave.  Oh don’t worry, the excitement over moving to Denver is uncontainable.  I know – I know – I know the Lord has led us there and I can hardly wait to begin the journey of following Him there.

I am the queen at saying goodbyes.  Ahhh, just barely say it and then run off and make myself busy, or make a joke in order to not think about it.  I’m a pro at it – seriously.  If only you knew how many short term visitors we’ve had here in the years I’ve been here.  

In thinking of leaving here I already, mentally, put our goodbyes here into this same category.  I seriously blocked all emotion from it and have only focused on Denver.  This week, though, the Lord broke through the wall and the emotion hit me full force.  And so now I am a blubbering mess packing up my apartment, answering every phone call from the kids from the orphanage, seeing my team mates during the day and realizing that our days are so few together now, heading to the outdoor market, speaking with the vegetable vendor on “Why aren’t you married yet?”, doing camp preparations and being out there with the kids, crawling into my own bed at night and listening to the sounds around Marghita, seeing the poor Roma mothers walking around with nursing babies and dirty little toddlers on the swings at the park.

I mean – EVERYTHING.  I could type every single thing here that I find so special about Marghita and it would be here.  And I would tell you that it makes me cry.

It’s good, though.  I’m glad that I *feel* so much for leaving.  (There is much, too, that I am glad to leave behind and I won’t go into that now.)  It feels good, in a strange way, to hurt for all that we will no longer have in our lives!

On a fun note, Caleb and I are having a day together.  No packing – no sorting – no trips up and down the stairs to fill the car or run to the dumpster.  Nope!  Time to go and do something together just for fun.  

To answer your question (did you have one or some?) about camp.  We had some last minute changes to the list of kids and ended up with a raudy group of boys and an open, needing lots of emotional support, group of girls.  It was an interesting combo and one that led to deeper relationships and a test of our patience, as well.  I am proud of the Swedish team as they pushed themselves in the 109 F heat – no lie – to play game after game of football with the boys, and to make themselves available for conversations and activities despite experiencing heat beyond their expectations.

“You and Me”  the theme for this week.  God draws you and me together to experience His love.

The kids grabbed onto this concept and, they were able to talk about the examples and verses and life stories used, even in the evenings.  It sat on their hearts and minds.  Awesome!

Random.  Caleb can tie his shoes.



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  1. Praying for you and for Caleb. I have already been back living in the States for longer than I lived in Romania and I still miss it EVERY day. Even though I only spent 3 years there, its home and will always be. The best memories of my life are there and my heart aches for the way life was there just about every day. But God is teaching me to be content where I am and I know that He will open so many doors for you. I’m so excited that we will be living near one another! If you ever need someone that understand (somewhat) what you are going through, I’m here for you. Enjoy your remaining time in Romania!


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