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The month of May brought about a month long English course for some of the young people, and children, who are at the Popesti orphanage.  I was so excited to be able to lead this class, and spend so much one on one time with these kids.  Since the transition from state to private ownership, it’s been difficult to know how to serve at the orphanage.  Many of the ways that we previously assisted the orphanage are now being taken care of by the staff, as the new directors have mandated.  This is great!  At the same time, I have felt a little lost as to how I can be a help.  After discussing with the directors we agreed that English classes would be a blessing to their work, since the kids constantly ask for them.  In addition, there was a couple on our team (they left early May) who have an incredible collection of materials, and experience, in teaching English to our orphan kids.  I spent some time with them and walked out with enough material, I think, for about 2 years of English classes 🙂  Then, we begun with the kids.  I had so much fun.  I mean, really.  It was awesome.  One of my team mates, Simon, came with me to some of the classes as well and it was a huge help since some of the kids knew no English, and others knew a lot.  We divided and conquered to manage the different levels.  It was a really special time to focus in on the relationships with these particular kids.  To be honest, if the kids learned any English that would just be the icing on the cake.  The real purpose, in my eyes, was to be able to foster more personal relationships with these kids.  Both were accomplished, I feel!   Although the new directors at the orphanage have brought about GREAT changes, it does not mean that the children are automatically healed from their emotional and spiritual wounds from being abandoned.  Two people cannot bond with 59 children so there is still need for outsiders to come and serve here, in my opinion. I was grateful for the opportunity to do this through these English courses.  Check out our “graduation” photo!




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