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Rocket Party

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Caleb’s choice of birthday theme this year?  Rockets!  Last year we watched Endeavour’s final launch live (via Nasa’s website) since it was the middle of the day for us.  Since then, Caleb has been crazy about rockets and space shuttles.  “Mom, can we please research ____________________?” and oftentimes, it’s a question about space.

He’s so curious, my son.  Our days are filled with questions of how things work, why they work, and would they respond differently with a whole new set up or situation?  I’ve been doing a LOT of googling this year, I’ll tell you! (Since we don’t have a set of encyclopedia’s on hand, or a library where he could check out books about all of these different topics.)

Okay, anyhow, back to the par-tay 🙂

Rockets!  Space!  Astronauts!  Yay!

(And balloons filled with candy and money that the boys had to pop with extra large scissors because I didn’t think that far along on how they would actually pop the balloons. Ha!)




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  1. Hey Kels~

    COOL cake!

  2. Rockets rock. Ben’s favorite at that age, so we had a number of rocket parties (complete with Elton John’s “Rocket Man” blasting in the background. Caleb yours looks fantastic… happy birthday!


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