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Favorite Foods!

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Here’s the list Caleb would give you…

1. Cucumbers

2. Strawberries

3. Sarmale

This recipe is not, in my opinion, totally authentic.  But, it does give you an okay picture of what they are and how they are made!  We eat these every Saturday.

4. Supa de Taitei

(Slow cook a cut of pork from the neck with root vegetables, spices and water for a long time.  Then you strain the broth, add to it precooked Taitei noodles and there you go!  Supa de Taitei!  It’s a lot of work to make this soup but Caleb’s babysitter makes it for him because she knows it is one of his favorites.)

5. Langos and Placinta

(A fried dough.  Langos is rolled thin and deep fried until crispy.  Salty Cheese and Sour Cream are a favorite topping for it.  Placinta is a fried dough but not deep fried.  Before frying it is stuffed with mashed potatoes, or sauerkraut or salty cheese and dill.  It is fried until brown on each side, but still soft.)

We eat these on the way to the market every Friday morning!


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