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the big 8

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Caleb turns 8 on Thursday.  Yeesh.

So, in honor of my little man, I’ll be sticking up some of his favorite things this week.

First off, his favorite song just now.
Click play on “Tu Esti Scutul si Taria Mea)
And, a funny story.  I didn’t know this guy had written this song.  But, in searching for it online this morning (Caleb learned the song at Awana and wanted to listen to it), and seeing the guy’s picture, I started laughing out loud.  He’s friends with some people from the church we used to go to in Oradea.  One Sunday, when he was visiting, Caleb had to go to the bathroom after church.  He refused to go into the women’s  with me but he was too little to open and close the men’s door, or to reach the soap dispenser.  (This was about 3 years ago.)  This guy was standing there and took Caleb by the hand, held the door open, once Caleb had finished his business, he helped him with the soap and water.  Such a fun memory and Caleb thought it was really cool that the guy who wrote his, current, favorite song helped him out with the men’s room.  Ha!

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