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Please, please continue to pray for the young man (boy, really) that I’ve been e-mailing and updating about.  We’ve found a place for him to live.  It’s a facility that was once an elderly home and orphanage and has been renovated to house young adult men and women who suffer emotionally and physically from an institutionalized childhood (and therefore cannot function outside of one as an adult.)  A friend of mine has visited this facility and given it a good review, after spending some hours there.  You can often enter into facilities, such as this one, and immediately sense the evil, or good, that the walls of each room witness.  And, there is at least one person at this facility that he will know.  That will make him very happy indeed when he arrives!

It’s taking some days to get the paperwork finished to move our special guy there, from his birth family.  The birth family is now hogtying him each night so that they can sleep and not worry about their safety.  I about sunk to the ground when I heard that he is enduring this abuse, although probably the least of the horrors he has endured in his life, unfortunately.

My good friend, who is working diligently with his birth family to get him out of this situation, said that perhaps we will know more on Monday.  It takes time for papers to get done, as you all know.  She, too, feels an even greater sense of urgency once the family told her of how they were finally sleeping through the night without worrying about if he will do something to them or not.  She has also been taking care of all of his younger step siblings (all little girls) this entire time so that they will remain safe from any further incidents between our young man and them.  I am so thankful for how hard she is working on behalf of the family (keeping the girls safe) and with our young man (helping the birth Father get all of the papers done so he can be removed from their home.)

Pray for the family and for our young man that they would have some level of control in what they inflict on each other until he can be moved away.


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  1. Steven Stayer

    We had the chance to pray and see this young man when we visited the village in Tinca recently. I believe that our Lord has great things in store for him. He prayed with our entire team while we were there too. He was very proud to do that. He didn’t seem to remember Carrie and I from our visit the previous year when we celebrated his birthday. All for the better. Praying for him, you, Caleb, and everyone else involved in these situations on a daily basis. Love ya Kels!


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