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“Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness.  For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.  And he who searches hearts knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because, the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.  And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good.”

Romans 8:26-28


I’ve had a really hard time believing this over the past week and some odd days.  Beginning to hear the situation the one boy (young man) was sent to, and then visiting him last week and seeing the nightmare in person.  Finding a solution for him and then three hours later he was sent back to the birth family – to their horror and his.  

In order for him to be placed into an institution again (we have a couple which we think would be better for him than where he is now with his birth family) he must be received into the mental hospital first.  He has spent many weeks at this horrid place during his life and it made me sick to my stomach to hear that this must be the first step of removing him from his birth family’s home.  Apparently they had to drag him kicking and screaming into the ambulance.  Sigh.

The ambulance returned 3 hours later saying “the hospital is all full.”  Neither he, nor the family knew what to do at that point.  This was Friday afternoon.  The police showed up to the birth Dad and beat him around for having called an ambulance without “their permission.”  

Friday afternoon through Sunday morning were like a pit for me.  I didn’t know how the family would survive the weekend with him (especially after the trauma of Friday) and how he would survive them.  On top of this I knew that there was still the other girl we were looking for and the plan was to try and find her, again, on Sunday afternoon after church.  I just couldn’t handle the thought that she, too, might be in a similar situation.  It was so much injustice to bear, really.  I prayed, and prayed, and prayed for God’s protection over both of these very special young people…as did many of you, I know.

An interesting thing started happening over the weekend.  God began showing His goodness to me, and Caleb, in quite unexpected ways.  So I could SEE that He was working good.  I had no choice but TO believe it, and the verses above.  Yet, I could not see how He was working good for these two young people.  But He was showing how He can work good for me and Caleb.  So I must believe that, although I could not see it, He was, TOO, working good for these two young people.  Does that make sense?

1. Caleb’s bike was stolen 2 days after we left for the States in September.  My neighbors have skirted the issue quite a bit and so I gave up asking.  Caleb was devastated, of course.  I began praying that the Holy Spirit would lead whoever it was to return the bike because I really felt it was one of our neighbors, or the cleaning lady, and not one of the gypsy kids who run around in the park next to our building (our neighbors’ story).  For 6 weeks now, nothing has turned up.  Then on Friday afternoon the only neighbor we have yet to see since we’ve returned, poked her head out her door and said she had the bike in her garage.  Caleb was crying he was so happy.  God’s goodness.

2.  I received an e-mail on, Saturday I believe, from a couple who feel led to help with the plane tickets Caleb and I need to purchase to get back to the States in July.  It’s a mess of a situation with the Olympics arriving to London.  We need to leave Romania just a day or 2 before they start and all of Europe has jacked up ticket prices.  I would never be able to save the amount needed for the increase in price by July.  So unexpected and such a burden lifted to see that God is working on the tickets for me.  God’s goodness.

3.  Sunday afternoon we headed out to find the other girl (young lady) who was also taken from the orphanage and placed “back home.”  (A home she has never known, nor never visited nor never called as home.)  To say that we cried when we found her was an understatement.  TEARS OF JOY!  The family has such love and patience for her.  She had on clean clothes, new shoes and was sitting down to a huge bowl of soup when we arrived.  She is healthy and happy and so is the family.  The Mom just continually stated, “We are getting used to her and she is getting used to us.”  Not once did she complain about her daughter, not once did she make fun of her behavior (which can be extremely difficult to manage).  Wow, wow, wow.  “She’s our responsibility and we need a lot of patience and wisdom to make this work.”  WOW!  The Mom is a Christian, you could see the love and kindness in her eyes as she whispered to me the question “Are you a Christian, too?”  I wonder why she ever abandoned her daughter  to begin with.  I wonder if she stayed in an institution for all of these years simply for the sake of “going to school.”  Popesti is technically an orphanage for kids with disabilities and has an adjoining school special needs school run by the state.  There are a bunch of kids there who only live at Popesti during the school year, so that they can attend this special needs school.  So i just wonder if her Mom felt it was important for her to be in school without realizing the horrors she would endure by having an institutionalized childhood and young adult years there (I think she is 22 now…).

God’s goodness.

Today will mean another day of fighting for the good for the young man that we have run out of solutions for.  Have to remember God’s goodness, hold on to that.


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  1. It was amazing to be part of these days, Kelsey. Yes a pit for me too, and a deep taste of goodness as well. Many prayers for our dear young friend in so much trouble and danger. Many thanks for our precious gal who is safe.

  2. So grateful to be part of these amazing days, Kelsey. Yes, a deep pit for me too. So much pain and goodness mingled together. Praying for our dear young friend in trouble and danger. Can’t thank God enough for our dear gal who is safe with family. And, thanking God for your caring heart.


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