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Those of you who received the e-mail update yesterday – please keep praying for a solution.  The situation with this young man – boy, really – has become even more desperate.  The silence and exhaustion that are in my heart pair very well with the concrete wall that, as of today, the system and law of this country have stopped us with.

I refuse though to believe that God’s purpose for this child of His is for us to only grieve the current situation.  

I have been reading from “Where There is Love, There is God” recently.  Here is one section from “Full of Prayer.”

Be full of prayer.  It is a beautiful gift.  Pray for our poor to make use of their poverty to grow in holiness – so pray with them and for them and pray always for yourself that you may grow in that holiness for which Our Lord has created you.  It is now necessary to make it our own so that we really, really love prayer, so that we spread His love, His compassion, His presence wherever we go.  Silence is a time to talk with Jesus.  The more silent we are the closer to Jesus we become and the more we are like Jesus, the more holy we become.  So deepen your union with Him by your prayer life.  


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  1. OK praying God’s very best for this boy AND that God will show off and doing something miraculous


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