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Spring is upon us….without the late March snowstorm it seems this year.  Since so many people in town are preparing their gardens, and beginning to plant, already I have hesitantly also decided to take their cue and begin a few weeks early.  Although, normally, I wouldn’t stick seeds in the ground until the last week of April.

I am only planting a couple of things this year, since we will have to leave Romania before the end of the season I would hate to see it go to waste after we leave.  So, I’m doing a plot of corn, tomatoes and basil.  That’s it!  The tomatoes have taken off (heck yeah!) and I just replanted them yesterday.  Caleb has a really awful cough so we’ve been trying to stay home all weekend in order to give him some downtime to get better.  He helped me transfer all of our yogurt cup seedlings to a wooden crate that I grabbed from a grocery store that was throwing it away.  I put netting on the bottom, to keep the dirt from falling through, but it allows some drainage as well.  I’m thinking in a few weeks they’ll be ready to head outside for good, or maybe, I’ll transfer them again.  Will see.

Tomatoes started, laundry can air dry on the sunny balcony and Caleb has emptied my kitchen cupboards to create a full drum set on his bedroom floor.  🙂  Ahhhhh spring!



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