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I’ve been doing a lot of sorting, cleaning, giving away in the past week.  Since I’m heading to Uganda at the end of May, and then camp season will hit full force come the middle of June, I need to have my apartment kind of packed up and ready to go in the next 6 weeks.  I don’t want to have to think about it while doing camps, and then we will be leaving Romania just a few days after camps end.  Anyhow, I have a coat – I call it my Popesti coat.  I only wear it when I go to Popesti.  I don’t care if it gets dirty, smelly, whatever – it’s my Popesti coat so it doesn’t matter.  

Since winter has now passed, and my time serving at Popesti during winter has now passed, I’ve decided to pass the coat along.  It’s actually a really good coat and, after a good wash, looks like it could easily be sold in a 2nd hand shop.  One of our poor families we support will be so happy to have the coat, I’m sure, when my team prepares their support packages towards winter next year.  Tangent.

The point is this.  I emptied out the pockets, of course.  Everything that came out had a Popesti story to it.  Of course, I only wore the coat there.  I definitely cried as I sorted through all the bits, going a few years back some of them, remembering why I had those things with me.

One of the items stuck out to me more than the others.  Oh the birthdays that we, and past teams, have celebrated for these precious kids for SO many years.  Taking a day to uphold them in love and trying desperately to help them understand that they were created with PURPOSE and in such great love by their Father God.

The new directors at Popesti are celebrating the children’s’ birthdays now, so we no longer have the responsibility of taking care of this.  Seems strange, really.  And, for those of  you reading this who are past Popesti team members, I’m sure you are thinking the same.  What?  No more Popesti birthday parties on our end?

This is what I found in the pocket…we would wash and reuse them for the next birthday party…



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