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Uganda, here I come!

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If you all were very good readers with my last update then you know that Caleb and I have a pretty big change coming our way in the near future (August).

We’re moving to Denver and I will be beginning to work for Global Refuge International.  God’s hand has so clearly led us to Denver that I spent a good 5 weeks saying “no” and freaking out simply because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pathway so clearly “cleared” and laid out for me to follow before.

Anyhow, long story short. We are so sad to leave Romania.  On the other hand, knowing that God is taking us there gives me such joy.  But, still, lots of sadness.  I began telling some of the kids last week that we will leave come the Summer.  Many tears…

Here’s the deal – GRI – is expanding their work at their project in Uganda.  They are doing that while I am still here in Romania.  Quickly checking ticket prices I found that I could travel from here to Uganda (with no jet lag) for 1/3 of the price of a ticket from the States.  So if there was a time for me to visit their Ugandan project, it is now.  After 2 weeks of searching (hours and hours, literally) for the vaccines I need to do this trip, I finally found them.  The ticket prices went down $150 (from $850 to $700) so last night I bought the ticket.

Really excited about seeing first hand the work there and experience the vision.

Last week was a really.busy.week.  Three Indiana women came to share their Hoosier love with Marghita.  They worked their butts off every single day.  Seriously, they didn’t complain (to me at least) at all about how tired they were or how long of days I was asking them to serve.  Kristen, Keren and Rachel literally interacted with, served and loved in every single project that FCE runs here, in Marghita.  I am so thankful for their willingness to love, even while doing the most mundane of tasks.  Where God will take these three as they continue on in life will be really exciting to see!

Thanks, guys.  It was awesome to have you here!!



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