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Crowded streets, gusts of wind blowing the dust from the dried mud everywhere into your eyes, the smell of each small house smoking their own meat in their backyards, territorial dogs barking and snarling from inside their gates as you pass by on the sidewalk, rickety horse-drawn wagons sharing streets with semi trucks and cars driving far too fast, smelling the fried dough of the placinta and langos stands, flower vendors on the streets, kids pushing their way through the crowded sidewalks to and from school, outdoor fruit and veggie market, amazing sunsets out my living room window…..oh Marghita, how I have missed you!

I’ve come down with something and not sure whether it’s the flu being passed around on my team or the amount of dust I inhaled the other day while cleaning out some forgotten drawers here in my apartment.  Fever, constant sneezing – yuck.  Not able to make it to the team worship night so I figured I’d use the time wisely to add to this here blog.  And, thankful that Caleb (since he was 8 months old) has gone to the same babysitter each and every Monday night while I attended the team’s worship/meeting night.  So, unexpectedly I have a few hours at home alone to just crash on the couch and be sick by myself.  Which, as a single parent, is just nice sometimes!

Reunion with the orphanage kids was beyond words.  It stirs my heart even now to think about how it was to head back there, after being gone for so many months.  Sometimes the kids react in such hostile ways with the people they have let into their lives.  I was prepared for this, after seeing it happen so many times over the years with others.  God prepared their hearts, He must have, as I experienced such joy, hugs, laughter and tears in meeting with the kids again.  What a humbling experience to be allowed to be in their lives.

Crazy – GOOD – changes have happened at the orphanage.  I can only attribute this to prayers of those burdened for the change that so desperately needed to happen there and to the loving plan of the Father who delights in giving good gifts to His children.


You know how you pray and seek and knock (repeat often) and are so desperate for God to move in a situation….and yet there is part of you that sees no feasible way for this to happen?  There is none like Him for He has begun an incredible work of change at the orphanage that has left me stunned.  My next update will be focusing on this so if you don’t get my updates then I guess you’d better get a move on contacting me with the address you’d like it sent to 🙂

Because of these changes, our presence at the orphanage isn’t needed as often as before.  We are going once a week to do activities with the kids, meet with them at our Club’s youth program Friday nights and, in addition, I will try to go and see the teenagers at their state orphanage in the city about twice a month. (Long drive and gas is $8/gallon right now – just can’t swing it financially to go every week.)  I’ll be helping out a lot more with practical serving around the foundation as my hours won’t be focused completely on the orphanage anymore.  That is, until camp season hits – then bring it on!  Until then, I’ll be helping out more with delivering food to the kids at different projects each day, and, working extra in our donation warehouse.  Right now, that means focusing on Women’s Day – this Thursday – the 8th of March.  It’s probably the next biggest Holiday after Christmas and Easter.  Gift baskets have been made, a special breakfast has been planned (I have butter softening on the counter right now for muffin making!), and a “clothing store” will be opened all on Thursday, to bless our 50-ish women staff workers here at FCE.

Mornings are spent homeschooling Caleb.  This has been pretty rough all year round, for the most part, since Caleb does not like homeschooling whatsoever.  It’s been even more rough, since returning to Marghita, because it is only his Mama teaching him now (instead of the teaching being shared by both Mama and Grandma.)  I am finding myself extremely exhausted after the 4 hours of fighting  school we do each day.  My son turns into someone who most of you would not recognize as soon as the school books are pulled out each morning.   Your prayers for a change in heart in him would be appreciated, really…

All in all, I am so thankful to be back home.  Serving here, living here – it just rocks, even when my kid hates that I’m his teacher 🙂

By the way, Clementines are in season right now.  Thanks Spain for sending them our way!!  Actually, I think they are kind of on their way out now.  They’ve been here for a couple of weeks now and the ones I bought today were the “bad” bunch for 3 Lei/Kilo.  I was able to pick through the lot and find 5 or 6 ones just perfect for eating so no problem for me that the price was so low at the market!



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  1. Great to hear your heart and your joy.

    Sorry for you being sick so prayers begin

    Luv ya kiddo

    papa jack

  2. Kelsey,

    Hang in there on the homeschooling. We jumped in at high school and 4 years of pulling teeth ensued. In the end it is all worth it. Somewhere, hopefully sooner than later, he will see the benefit and the amount of time and love that you have poured into him.

    I will be praying specifically for this area of life as I have been there and understand completely! Do NOT let the adversary tell you it is for naught. Keep looking toward the sun!


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