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Grandpa and New Life!

My Grandpa died on the 30th of December.  He and I were extremely close and I cherish the months we had in the States with him.  Not knowing we would be there for the end of his life makes me even more thankful that God so perfectly planned Caleb’s adoption to end when it did.

A week after the funeral my older sister gave birth.  Wow!  To be there as my new niece arrived was so special – whew.  I’ve been in rooms with women in labor before but never there when the baby comes.  It was moving and something I will never forget.  So thankful to have been in the States for the new baby’s arrival, and to be around for a week to help my sister out some!

We then left to Sweden and arrived just a day before our dear friends’ wedding.  It was an emotional time knowing how God brought them together and then witnessing their union.  And, so many of my team members from Romania had come to the wedding as well.  It was good, for both Caleb and I, to see all of them and begin catching up.

The Swedish camp team had a planning meeting some weeks after the wedding.  I had decided, beforehand, that we might as well stay some weeks in Sweden and stay for the meeting.  We have very close friends in Sweden and they, graciously, allowed us to crash at their places for some weeks.  Caleb and I enjoyed doing school each morning, and then heading out in the town to explore on long walks each afternoon.  Evenings were spent enjoying fika and laughter with our friends.  Who knows if we would ever be able to come for some weeks again, as we did now?  It was good to take the time we did and I am thankful, too, that we did so.

We returned to Romania this week and were unable to get to Marghita the day we arrived.  Too much snow!  According to the meat lady in town, there hasn’t been a winter like this since 1985.  After driving for 8 hours we finally had to crash in a hotel and wait until the next day to venture to Marghita.  A team member was able to make it to us in the morning and Caleb and I both were overjoyed to return to our home.  I even cried a little when I walked in the door of our apartment…oh my.

No jet lag to speak of, since we went through that rough period in Sweden, so I have just dove in head first since arriving on Thursday.  Yesterday I went to the orphanage and wasn’t sure how the kids would react.  When someone they are close to leaves, for any period of time really, they often have an extremely difficult time seeing them again.  Their responses can range from running away to rudeness, swearing… You never can know since showing their emotions in a healthy way is so hard for them.  It was so humbling, though, to go yesterday.  The kids had arms open wide and squeezed the living daylights out of me (as I did to them as well!)  It felt so right to be back with them!  Thank You Lord for allowing me to, attempt, be Your hands and feet with these kids.

Caleb and I also spent the entire morning with Alex yesterday.  How could he have grown and changed so much in just 4 months??  I love him so much.  After spending the  morning with him, though, I can see how he has begun bonding to his foster mother (and he was very possessive of her as he spoke to me about her.)  It allowed my heart to move on – just a little bit.  Not seeing Alex all of these months was one of the most difficult parts of being away.  Caleb and he immediately fell into their ‘brotherly’ routine and we both are looking forward to spending more time with Alex as his family’s and school schedules allow!



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