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Sand and Snowboarding!



A few weeks ago Caleb and I headed out on a bit of travel to probably the 2 most extreme weather places : Florida and Colorado.

We went from Michigan – down to Florida and then headed to the Colorado mountains.  We met with dear, dear friends and had a most blessed time with my two brothers and their families.  

Let me tell you, travelling with a child/children isn’t always the easiest.  But one thing that for sure is true, especially after this trip, is that people bend over backwards to be friendly with you if Caleb is by your side.  Those big brown eyes, dimples and slight accent wooed people everywhere we went on this trip.  So fun 🙂

We splashed in huge waves in Lake Worth, poked and prodded the loads of jelly fish and man of wars that washed to shore, explored the huge sand sculptures in West Palm Beach, made big splashes on the roof top pool at a close friend’s apartment, toured a Trauma Hawk, took a boat to Peanut Island and collected too many shells to count, explored the kids park on the Intercoastal 2 blocks from our friend’s place (coolest spider web climbing thing ever), morning runs in 80 degree weather, peppering the pool cleaner man about every aspect of his job, excellent Thai food with a Thai chef who spoke with Romanian, sleeping with windows open every morning, waking up each morning to sunshine pouring through, fellowship and donut making with dearly missed friends, riding in a new, black Dodge charger with illegal tinting (Caleb felt he was a police officer – loved it!!), being invited to sit in the cockpit of a plane and speaking to the whole plane on through the intercom, Caleb meeting his Uncle Kyle and Aunt Vas,   snowboard lessons and much laughter with Caleb and his Aunt and Uncle, beautiful snow covered mountains and sunshine everywhere, being introduced to Uncle Kyle’s favorite cartoons, meeting my niece/Caleb’s youngest cousin, day spent with my other brother and his wife (they just flew in from Zambia), fun shopping with my sisters-in law, pinball craziness with Caleb and his Uncles in Fort Collins, snowflake artwork, cookie making and decorating, incredible time of worship and planning with teams that minister from Denver to Marghita each summer and on/off during the year, coffee with a friend i usually only see in Marghita,Image unexpected hope, unexpected leading from the Lord for Caleb and I.

I am so thankful that we were able to pull this trip of.  So thankful.


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