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Buck Season

Notice – you may find the pictures at the end of this post, gross.  So, don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see them 🙂

Living here among the woods and lakes of Southeastern Michigan means, among other things, that you will participate (whether you like it or not) in the opening of Buck Season.  Starting early in the morning, last Tuesday, gunshots….all day long.  Following my Dad’s advice, I decided to contain my running only within our little roads near our house.  There are hunters everywhere in the woods on the nearby roads.  Nope, Kels does not want to be mistaken for a white tailed deer.  No thank you.

Anyhow, the deal is this.  There’s a really popular deer processing place just down the road from us.   For the first 2 opening days of Buck season they pull out the white tents, put up balloons everywhere, sold homemade pulled pork sandwiches, brought in a car dealership and even had a local radio station broadcasting on site.  All of this is done to highlight the “buck pole.”  It’s the main attraction.  Once you’ve shot your buck, you bring it to this place, they gut it and then hang it up on the buck pole for all to see and admire.  And yes, of course I took Caleb.  In fact, he could barely wait to get over there.  I kind of went back and forth between being totally grossed out to making fun of the tongues hanging out of every buck’s mouth.  Ha!

Caleb though it was cool…really cool.  And he wanted to make sure everyone could see pictures from the day.  Here ya go!


Dani, Anton, Cristi si Laz - vedeti limba lui???


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