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for the most part, really annoys me.  But being here in the States I actually have more options than Hungarian dance music (with a little Michael Bolton mixed in here or there) or Romanian dance music (with the random Celine Dion tracks) while driving in the car.  What I like about Christian radio is listening to older songs or the very rare moments where they play a new song, that I wouldn’t have stumbled upon on my own, that just is awesome.  Or, I just didn’t realize someone had a new album coming out or whatever, you  know?  What I don’t love are the interviews of how to make Halloween more Christian and callers calling in with ideas of “Tract or Treat”….”our church, instead of a trunk or treat is doing a tract or treat.”  Oh my.  Yes, I’m serious.

Anyhow, here are 2 new songs lately that have made me glad for dealing with the tract or treat interviews…



Oh, and when they busted out this one ( I couldn’t believe they played it actually)…Caleb was ready to escape out of the car because his Mama was singing so loud 🙂

Step by Step


The days are flying by.  At the end of each week I look around trying to figure out where all of the days go.  Just seems like I can’t catch my breath!  Homeschooling Caleb takes up the majority of each day and he is also taking swimming lesson 2X per week.  The closest lessons are 30 minutes away so once school is over on Tuesdays and Thursdays the rest of the afternoon/evening is spent just getting to swim lessons and back.  Friday mornings are spent at the homeschool co-op (which has been a huge blessing for Caleb and his need for friends!) and then when we get home we have to do the normal school day as well.  We’ve been running around trying to work in visits to my Grandpa (who is not doing well whatsoever right now – seriously, how many heart attacks can you have per month??), my younger sister and her family, as well as quite a few days babysitting for my nephew who is close by.  The other week I was able to babysit 4 days for the pastor of student ministries at the church my Dad works at, as they were headed to a conference.  It actually was really awesome to be in the position to go and serve them this way.  Anyway, the days are really full and, like I said, flying by.  Caleb and I were in Bloomington for a week and it was such an encouraging, moving, intense time.  More than encouraging…I don’t even know which word you could use for it.  An encouragement that just speaks to the very core of your spirit.  You know?  So many people there who care so deeply for Caleb and I, and just as much so for the work that God is doing in Romania.  I am super lame and left my camera in the trunk of my car in Marghita.

Yup.  Lame.

Thankfully Black Friday is quickly approaching and Kels has been scouting new cameras and I am ready to snatch one up!  (The camera I left in the trunk of my car is super broken anyhow so…)  The reason why I’m telling you this is because I don’t have any photos from the time in Bloomington.  But, very dear friends of mine do – and they posted a few on their blog.  So check it out here, if you’re interested.  Just scroll down a bit…     

Yesterday was a pretty special day for me, personally.  I ran a 5K.  I was pumped.  I’m not a runner.  I’m really slow, always have been.  Last spring, though, I downloaded this program called “couch to 5K” because I was so bored with my exercise DVDs.  I remember hating running so much back then that I gave out at like 3 minutes, ha ha ha!  So to finally run one, in a much better time than what I thought I’d do (I had prepared myself for the worse )…it just was a great feeling of accomplishment.  I’ve worked really hard all these months to do it, you know?  And, I kind of liked it.  What I did not like were the extremely long, winding hills that the course followed for the first 1.5 miles – the freezing wind in my face making my eyes water like crazy – and the fact that my lungs hurt so bad from breathing the cold air.  Yup, it was cold.  Seeing the random guy in the skin tight, spandex yellow and orange flame running pants…oh my word, HILARIOUS!   Still makes me laugh thinking about them!

Part of the Budapest half marathon in September is a relay run of 8K and 13K.  I joked with a friend in the summer for her to get ready for the 8 and I’d do the 13.  I think, actually, it might be fun to work up to a 13.  For some reason, I seem to hit my groove always at the end of my runs.  Why is that?  Seriously, by the end of the 5K I finally felt that I was ready to run the 5K.  Anyhow, this was more information than necessary.

Today, after church, Caleb and I headed to a salon/spa in a nearby small town for free haircuts in exchange for a bag of food to be given to the local food pantry.  I am SO THANKFUL for God providing this opportunity for us both to get haircuts that I could afford.  Haircuts here – wow, had totally forgotten.  $11 for a kid (at the cheapest place) plus tip?  Yikes!  Anyhow, I was just really grateful.

And yesterday, for a toy donation and food donatio,n to another food pantry, you got to drive around on the MIS.  Since it’s just down the road a few miles from my parents’ house, Caleb and I jumped in the car and rushed down there.  We got free Nascar hats, programs and a bumper sticker.  Seriously, it was awesome.  You could even drive way up on the bank…I was too scared to but other cars were taking full advantage of the opportunity.

Oh, and, last Wednesday I was able to speak to the teens at

Definitely powerful to be a part of their Body of Christ and to share and challenge them with some of the things that God has shared and challenged me, especially, since beginning to work at the state orphanage.

Okay, I think that’s it for the update for now.  🙂




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