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Pumpkin Patch

Just a few roads down from my parents is a road filled with Amish farms.  One of these farms has a pumpkin patch and great prices.  We headed to them for our pumpkins this year.  They let us pick them as well, which, is the point of getting a pumpkin, I think.  I asked Caleb if he noticed a difference in the clothing of the women to us.  “Nope.”  The way they choose to dress actually is very similar to the way most of the grandmothers in Romania dress.  The way they looked wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for him.  Loved that!  The ladies also said they heard both him and I (what??) speaking with an accent.  They asked us what language we spoke and where we were from.  It was really fun being able to share our story with them.  Our faith may be expressed very, very differently but we serve the same Lord!

Now, if I may go on a slight tangent here.  Me – accent?  Both my Mom and Dad agree with the Amish ladies.  And, when having lunch with the staff at the church my Dad works at, last week, there were comments saying the same thing.

So what is it?  Romanian?  Swedish?  I have a feeling that it’s the latter….

Anyhow, Caleb took a short video from the pumpkin patch.  Enjoy 🙂


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  1. I don’t hear an accent – you sound like the same Kelserina to me! 🙂


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