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Drinking Fountains

Are the coolest thing. To Caleb, that is. I knew there would be an overwhelming amount of “new” for him in coming to the States. What I didn’t expect was that a drinking fountain would top his “coolness” list. It’s no use to be embarrassed at the scene he makes when he sees one and sprints towards it. I’ve just settled for laughter. The pure delight he has…pushing the buttons, the water squirting out. I mean, it just makes me so happy, and him. Drinking fountains. My son loves them.

Let’s see, what else has rocked his little Marghita world since coming here? Hmmmm….

1. Drinking Fountains
2. Chasing and Screaming at geese to fly away (the nearby campground/lake has a bunch)
3. Picking up Pop and Beer cans, on our walks, so he can get the 10Cent refund for them at the store. You should see his collection in the garage – this kid can spy a beer can in the long grass from far away. (His Grandpa got him hooked on this money maker.)
4. My parents’ Brita water filter that sits on the bottom shelf of the fridge. It has a spout and it’s cold, obviously. My kid is drinking more water than what his body knows what to do with, all b/c he has cold water that he can get without help anytime he wants it. (We fill up 5 Litre bottles at a water filter at our team’s house, then carry them up to our apartment. Super heavy and he can’t pour them himself.)
5. Violin Lessons. The smile on Caleb’s face, when we rented his violin, couldn’t be erased for hours afterwards. My Dad is teaching him – so special time for them both!
6. Yard work with Grandpa! Using the garden tools to cut down the sunflowers my Dad planted along the driveway (and I think this afternoon they are going to tackle the apple trees out back.) Caleb ate so many of the seeds out of the heads, before they were dry, that my Dad had to put them up high so he’ll have a few seeds left to plant next summer 🙂
7. The grocery store bag carasel at Meijer. You know, you check out and they have like a 5 or 6 bag round dispenser thing. So after they fill up 1 bag they just give it a turn and the bag comes to you and then they have an empty bag in front of them? I know, hilarious! You should have been there when Caleb discovered this and let the cashier, as well as everyone else in line know, just how cool the turning bag thing was. I think it probably made her career as a cashier, ha!
8. Kids Church. My Dad’s church has a fancy shmancy kids program. He loves it. He wants to go everyday. He wishes we could stay for all 3 services just so he could go all 3 times.
9. Quiznos. It’s right next to our homeschool co-op. So after we finish on Fridays, he and I head over. Caleb LOVES their sandwiches. And, with their killer coupons online, he and I can get drinks, 2 sandwiches (and sometimes even a cookie) for $6. You can’t beat that!
10. Library. Oh the Addison library: . Caleb had never been in a library before this one. It’s located in a very small town about 15 minutes from my parents’ house. (Closest one to us.) It’s the smallest library I have ever been in…but to Caleb. Oh my! The first time we walked in he yells out “I’VE NEVER SEEN SO MANY BOOKS IN MY WHOLE LIFE MAMA!!” I think the guy who works there was pretty pumped about that 🙂 I did explain to him later why Caleb was so impressed with the tiny library and he gave him a library button for it being his first time in one. We head over there pretty often and I’ve been ordering in random books for our homeschool needs, and some fun stuff I’ve been doing on the side. And, heck yes, this library has a subscription to just about every magazine I wish I could purchase but don’t want to spend money on. So, needless to say, we’ve been wearing that little, 1 roomed library out!
11. Aunts, Uncles and Cousins! Seeing Caleb play with his little boy cousins is just about the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Seeing his Aunts and Uncles interact with him and introduce him to new activities and toys. Equally awesome!
12. Learning to read with Grandma. My Mom taught 1st grade forever and then taught 4th grade forever. Then she retired in June. Perfect timing for Caleb and I to show up in September so that Grandma doesn’t miss teaching so much. She’s taken over the reading portion of Caleb’s homeschool curriculum and they work on it for about 1.5 hours per day. Caleb L-O-V-E-S it. “Mama, it would have been better if Grandma was my teacher for everything instead of you.” He can barely wait for his reading time. It’s like a candy reward for him once he’s finished all the other subjects with me. It’s been so fun to see them together, working on reading!
13. Halloween. Oh good gracious, we are here for Halloween. This, I could have done without. Unfortunately, it is impossible to ignore it when you live here. So, why not, we’re all in. Sigh. I secretly hate and love it all together. The love part comes with seeing how pumped up Caleb gets dressing up in his costume. For him, this is Halloween. He has NO idea what is going to happen. He has no idea about the candy, whatsoever. He knows how to say trick or treat. And he knows that the fire station is having an open house on Halloween which we are going to. Do I really want him to learn about the candy overload? Yikes! That’s where the hate rolls in. But seriously, you all should see him in his costume. He wore it for about 2 weeks straight, after we bought it, because he loves it that much. We rolled on over to the Goodwill, about 30 minutes away, and scored a REALLY nice Fireman costume (hat and coat) for the smokin’ price of $4 and some odd cents. Then, a local business was going out of sale, so we bought (for $1 or 50 cents – I don’t remember) a fake beard and mustache. He’ll wear his Swedish mud pants, his rubber boots, borrow a flashlight from Grandpa and he’s all set. He’s so freakin’ cute in his fireman coat and hat. It’s really nice quality, too. Someone invested some cash in it at one point!
14. Swimming lessons! He jumped off the diving block in the deep end yesterday. Yes, I teared up big time. Seeing his courage grow through these lessons has been so special for me. I’m going to video some on Tuesday, his next lesson.
15. Hot Wheels at Meijer for $1. Do you know how much they sell Hot Wheels for in Romania? Like $6-$10 a PIECE. Yeah, we never buy them, ever. My Dad sends them to Caleb periodically in the mail and has always told him “Just wait till you come here Caleb and you can pick out your own for just $1 a piece.” Needless to say, the amount of pop/beer can in the garage have a purpose 🙂
16. English. “Mama, it’s so nice here. Everyone speaks English!” This one made me laugh….
17. A little store, just down the road, with fresh doughnuts everyday. I went to this place every summer growing up and before they made doughnuts 🙂 About once a week we head over and he scours the case very carefully before picking. His choice 2 weeks ago – a massive cinnamon bun with bacon on top. Calm yourselves down, Swedes, I know you’re probably getting pretty upset about that combo. The thing is, it’s kind of the thing right now. Been seeing it in a lot of magazines. Bacon on pastry items. Anyhow, he LOVED it.
18. The Detroit Tigers. Caleb had never seen baseball before and now he is a die hard fan. Thanks to the fact that my parents are die hard fans and the Tigers were advancing through the play offs…almost every single night solid when we arrived. Caleb has become extremely possessive over the Tigers and their wins. And Texas? Don’t even mention Texas to Caleb. It’ll set him off and it’s just not worth it. How in the world, in those 2 weeks, did he become such a Tigers fan?
19. Animals. Coming to my parents’ home, pretty isolated here in these woods, I had forgotten how much wildlife there is. Or rather, I didn’t realize how little wildlife we have in Marghita. The heron, squirrels, chipmunks, deer, array of birds…Caleb is in awe. My parents have a huge window in the kitchen, that looks down a hill to the creek and woods. Caleb is transfixed by all the wildlife he sees! And, super sad with all the deer that have been hit on the sides of the roads 😦
20. Gym class. At Caleb’s Friday homeschool co-op they have Gym class. He is beside himself with it. That you get all sweaty, running around and playing games with the other kids. How much cooler can school get? And plus, it lets him use the drinking fountain double. It’s a win, win situation for Caleb!!

Whew, that was a lot. Just what has popped into my head here while sitting down. Thanks for your patience in waiting for an update from us!


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  1. So waht makes you think you will be able to get him back on a plane?

  2. Kelsey and Caleb,
    We are so happy for you. Thank you for the update.
    Rob Robbins

  3. So sweet that there are so many POSITIVE changes for him! I bet the whole family is on cloud nine with you BOTH finally here. Praising the Lord for the “finally” reunion.


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