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I’m grateful…

for the overwhelming ways that God shows His care and love for me…for Caleb.  I’m taken surprise by them but maybe I shouldn’t be?  That the prayers, muttered quietly in my heart, for help are already known, are heard and being answered.
Can I just share with you all a few from today?

1. My good friend, Helena, showed up at our apartment door this morning just as I was wondering how many trips it was going to take to walk the 4 bags of trash and 4 carry-ons down our stairs.  I had said goodbye to her yesterday, but, I didn’t realize she didn’t say goodbye to Caleb.  He was happy and I was really thankful that God had her come over right at that time as well.  One trip down the stairs was all it took, thanks to her help!

2. I was able to have time to say goodbye to Maria, Lars and Madelen this morning.  Or rather, I had time to say goodbye to them, which I wasn’t sure I would have.  Madelen is leaving-leaving Marghita and her fiancee came to pick her up and take her back to Sweden 🙂  Madelen, Maria and I have always leaned heavily on each other’s prayer support in our lives.  They are very special to me and I eagerly look forward to seeing them in a few months when Caleb and I head to Madelen’s wedding.

3. Some of the staff from FCE actually came out to the car, as we were driving away, to say goodbye to Caleb and I.  Wow, this really took me by surprise.  I think that it can be easy to overlook what a huge thing God has done with Caleb’s adoption when you’re just in travel/planning/packing/cleaning/get there on time mode.  Which, is what I’ve been for the past month.  Plus, I just don’t enjoy being the center of attention so if I pretend us leaving is ‘normal’ then everyone else does, too, right?  Ummm, or not 🙂  After 7 years God has made a way for me to bring my son WITH me.  As in, his adoption is DONE, as in his name is CHANGED as in ___________________.  You know?  Oh Jesus, thank You.  Seeing all of the office staff this morning, greeting us as we left, reminded me of what a miracle God has done in my life and Caleb’s.

4.  I needed to make the train on time and I needed to get our massive luggage up the steep steps.  Take it away Katie and Courtney!  Two great friends whose backs are going to be hurting tonight, I’m afraid.  We made it to the train station with 15 minutes to spare, bought the tickets and got all of the luggage up the steep steps to the platform with 5 minutes to spare.  And, a really nice man carried Caleb’s carry on suitcase for him!  Then came time to get it up onto the train – I’m telling you, these steps are difficult without luggage.  We pushed Caleb up and then, once I was up, Katie and Court shoved the 50lb. bags while I pulled.  We DID IT!!  I’m so thankful for them, and for the very sweet gifts their boys (some of Caleb’s closest friends) made for him to open up on the train and plane!

5.  Now that the luggage was up on the train, how the heck was I going to get it up onto the overhead racks??  In steps in super nice guys #2 and he took ALL OF OUR LUGGAGE and put it up for us.  Only the heaviest one did we leave down.  He wouldn’t even let me lift up the smaller bags – he had to do it all!  Then the old lady across from us moved her bags so that Caleb could have a free seat to put his activity bag on.  She was so cute with him.  When he beat me in go fish she gave him a firm handshake and starting laughing.  And, there was a little Chinese boy on the train as well.  He pretty much watched us, laughed with us for the entire train ride because he thought Caleb’s toys were so cool.

6.  When it was 15 minutes before our train stop I started pulling our luggage down to set it at the end of the train, by the door.  See, you only get 2 minutes when the train stops before it starts again.  It can be stressful with luggage and these trains!  Nice guy #2 sees what I’m doing, makes me stop, and takes all of the luggage down for me and carries it to the end of the train.  Then, 5 minutes before the stop, #2 gets his seat mate : “Nice guy #3” to come and wait by the luggage where Caleb and I were.  Oh, I could have started crying.  They decided to get all of our luggage off from the train for us.  I said “HALLELUJAH!!” and we all laughed.  As soon as the train stopped they did a mad dash and in like 30 seconds all of the bags were down.

7. The place we are staying at the for the night has an airport pick up service.  Within a few minutes they picked us up, and we found out, the driver spoke Romanian.  When he saw how much luggage we had he called the reception and they changed our room to the lower floor, outside entrance room (which is much larger, actually!).  They also did not charge us for 2 people for the pick up service, nor did they charge us extra for the bigger room, and they are only going to charge us for 1 person for the airport drop off service tomorrow.  And, they had a printer and I got to print out boarding passes.  And they had pull down shades, on the outside of the windows, so Caleb fell asleep super fast tonight.

8. I love Budapest.  It’s beautiful, really.  I have the grumpiest child on the face of the planet today.  And because Budapest is so awesome, his grumpiness kind of went away every 5 minutes, before coming back 5 minutes later.  He’s coming down with a bad cold and he’s mad about leaving his friends for so long and Budapest is brand new and he’s stressed out and his stomach is going crazy….anyhow, Caleb wasn’t such a happy camper today 😦  But, he loved the castle in Budapest and he loved riding the Metro and he even did okay at one of my favorite restaurants tonight – we went super early and ate supper there.  I didn’t think we could pull it off but he held up!  Yay Caleb!  And, there was a random – very poorly put together – everyone wearing the same “Shakira” t-shirt, flash mob today in the center of Budapest.  While I thought it was lame, he thought it was great!  Ha!

And, that’s our trip so far.  Time to repack the bags for the airport and shift some weight around!

Please, if you don’t mind, pray for us as I have to wake Caleb up at 4:30am tomorrow and he isn’t feeling good.  Thanks!!


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  1. Kelsey!!!!!!!!

    Nu am ştiut că DEJA pleci!
    Îmi pare rău ca nu te-am învăţat să cânţi: “Az a szép, az a szép, Akinek a szeme kék…”!

    A rămas în urma Ta un imens loc gol.



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