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Debrecen or bust

Debrecen, Hungary is a really wonderful city.  The roads there are almost perfect and it takes just a few minutes longer than travelling to Oradea.  The streets are clean, the buildings have been kept up.  They have some oh so nice coffee shops,  with lovely desserts, pretty nice Italian food, Tesco and, oh me oh my, H&M.  Ha!  I rarely go, actually, maybe only twice a year.  Too much work finding a babysitter and a day where I have enough time to go and really enjoy being there.  Some of my team members actually go to Debrecen 1X/week on their free day since it is so convenient.

This week, I went to Debrecen again.  Only this time, Caleb CAME WITH!  Yes, that’s right, it was time to give his brand spankin’ new passport a good old trial run.  A close friend came with us and we both had a lot of fun listening to Caleb’s endless questions about what it meant to go to a different country, as well as his thoughts on the border crossings.

Everything went smoothly and we all enjoyed our time there…yup, a whole heck of a lot.  I checked out some sale racks, while Caleb checked out a drag racer on display at the mall.  Then we ate some very yummy Italian food and headed off to the zoo.  A very special day and Caleb was so happy the entire day.  He’s been having a not so great time as of late so it was a huge blessing for me to see him so happy and enjoying himself!

A few pictures….









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