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It’s been 7 days…

since Alex moved to his new home.  For 7 years he has been a part of our lives and in the past few, has become a member of our little family.  He and Caleb went from sharing a crib at just a few months old to covering my living room floor with matchbox car races.  I fell in love with Alex – all of him.  This was a process that revealed my own sin more often than not, and showed me, and left me longing for more of, God’s heart for children with special needs.  His smiles, always wanting to share attitude, love of praying, hand flapping at breakfast…I am missing it all.  Big Time.  I am so thankful for his new family.  They are wonderful and love the Lord.  So, it isn’t because of where he went that makes me ache for him.  It’s just the emptiness in our lives that makes me so sad just now.  Lots of tears shed…

Many of you have printed off pictures of Alex, posted them at your work and at home as reminders to pray for his forever family.  You have been consistently supportive, from far away, in his life and in the possibility of a family for him.  This huge change in his life is a bigger blessing than I think he might ever realize.  But, the thing is, I know that YOU realize this.  The miracle of a family for Alex is something that, those of you who fought through prayer for him, you can understand and be overwhelmed with joy for!!

A few pictures from last Thursday…his moving day 🙂

We celebrated with a fika, in Alex's honor, in the park before he left to go with his family. Alex and his best buddies!

Alex enjoying his special Fika with his friends before leaving to move in with his family!













Alex sitting on his bed in his bedroom at his family's home. Began playing with his new brother straight away!!


Alex very happy to be in the arms of his new Mama!



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  1. So happy for Alex. Missing him so much! Thanks for being his family for so many years. Knowing he is being raised in a Christian family is the biggest answer to prayer.

  2. Oh Kels, my heart breaks and rejoices all at the same time!


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