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Visa, please?

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After an extremely, often times seemingly dead-end, long adoption process I am having a bit of a time adjusting to how quickly everything is going right now.  Wasn’t quite prepared for the snowball effect that the final court date produced.  Feel like I’m just running trying to catch up, and trying to figure out what it means time-wise for Caleb and I now that we are finishing a month sooner than planned.

Basically, here’s what happened.

We got the final court documents, and 6 official copies of the ruling, only 9 days after the final court date.  WOW!  These were the final-final-final documents.  No waiting the usual 28 business days before receiving them.  I mean, these were IT.  Once they were in hand I was able to make the new birth certificate, which I did on Monday and picked up on Tuesday.  Then, once I had the birth certificate in hand (and after having a teary eyed moment looking at it in the office) I realized I had enough time to run Caleb and I to Oradea to make his passport before that office closed.  I have never met nicer, more helpful public office workers in Romania before than those who work with the passports in Oradea.  Seriously “Nota 10” for customer service.  After 276 Lei, a few documents to be filled out and signed, Caleb posing for his photo and, wa la!, passport will arrive in less than 2 weeks.

All of you know that Caleb and I have planned a trip to the States this fall/winter.  It’s been 7 years with me only rushing over for a few days here and there, and Caleb and I are both long overdue for some family time.  But, just as importantly, it’s time that I am able to come face to face with all of you and reconnect and give you an update in person on life/ministry in Marghita.  CTEN, my mission’s org, has approved this trip – or maybe even demanded it for me :), and I am grateful to have their support for this time away.  I’ll still be involved quite a bit in ministry here in Marghita while in the States.  The kids at the state orphanage will be needing me to check in with them via phone quite a bit and, camp planning begins (via e-mail) around October.  Anyhow, the original plan was, October-March (as I expressed to all of you before on multiple occasions.)  But, a few things have changed those dates by just a bit.  I mean, hello, adoption process finished lickety-split so we could leave earlier.  And 2, a very close and dear friend is getting married and I’d like to be at her wedding which would require us to return to Romania earlier than planned.  Due to these 2 factors, I have decided (as of last week literally) to try, as best as we can, to come to the States mid September instead of early October and leave early February, instead of March.  This decision has created quite a bit of extra work as it takes time to get the apartment ready to leave for that amount of time, as well as get all of our utilities and rent set before leaving.  And, my car is due for inspection in October so that means that the insurance and that appt. will need to be done, like now.  I think I resemble a chicken with it’s head cut off a bit this week, ha ha ha.  Packing has started now and I’ve been making calls about swim lessons and homeschool co-ops near my parents’ house to have set once we arrive.  I don’t know how many bags of trash I’ve carried down our stairs 🙂  Once our apt. is completely cleaned, sorted and ready to be left alone for a few months I’ll feel better about everything.

Anyhow, so that’s the explanation for why I went so fast for the passport.   Once we have that in hand I can pay the lovely sum to the US Embassy in Bucuresti and apply for a tourist visa for Caleb. Praying they grant us a 5 year visa.  I know we are coming back to Marghita in the Spring but still it would allow us to come and go as we need without having to keep paying and reapplying for tourist visas over the 2 year required wait for citizenship.

Through it all, though, I’m just so happy.  You know, I’ve been dreaming almost every night?  I mean, I hardly ever dreamed for so, so long.  Always slept awful.  I sleep through almost every night.  I literally can’t even tell you, probably years, since I’ve slept this many night in a row straight.  I walk through town and just feel such a lightness in my soul.  It’s just…so nice.  Tonight, when praying with Caleb while tucking him into bed, I just couldn’t hold back the tears as we thanked God for His faithfulness to us and His faithfulness to His plans for us.

I’ll let you all know, once we have a definite thumbs up from the Embassy for the visa, our specific dates for coming/going.  And, the dates when we’ll be appearing in a town near you 🙂  Please pray that they grant us a date for a Visa interview quickly.  My conversations with them, thus far, have been not-so-helpful.  I am not so impressed with those that have been hired to work in the Visa section at the US Embassy in Bucuresti.

Tonight I made pizzas with Caleb and Alex.  Alex leaves next week to move to his family.  Oh my, so much happening these days.  He’s kind of having a rough time so please continue to pray for him.  He goes between excitement to anger towards us…poor little man.  I am cherishing these final days of Alex being a part of our family.

And totally random note…  There’s a new restaurant in Oradea.  They have the coolest light fixtures!!






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  1. Hey Kels! I’m completely shocked and excited about this major God move here!!!! SOOOOO happy for you guys!!! Love you:) Amanda

  2. Thanks for all the updates! We are so happy for you guys and you both (and Alex) remain in our constant prayers. Can’t wait to see you in September! Love, Steve and Carrie


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