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I have just a couple of my Grandma’s cookbooks.  To be honest, I’m not sure if they are from my Dad’s side (my guess leans towards her) or my Mom’s side.  Regardless,  I love the books.  Every single recipe has turned out amazingly 🙂  Anyhow, just had to say that.  So, if you ever see a 1978 copy of Farm Journal’s Choice Chocolate Recipes, I’d highly recommend you to purchase!

I know I promised part 2 of the Adoption story.  It’ll come…soon.  I shouldn’t have promised it the next day as I was heading straight into the final state orphanage camp of the summer.  Exhausting.  Joyful.  No time to update the blog.

This entire summer 2 thoughts have been running through my brain….

1. Make it through all the camps with the kids from the orphanage in 1  piece.

2. Make it through this adoption process in 1 piece.

In the midst of “making it through” this blog took a back seat over the past few weeks.  Have grace for me, please.

Camp ended well and the kids were super happy during the week.  Was a good combination of personalities and levels of aggressiveness ( both verbal and physical ).  The kids evened each other out pretty well and we didn’t have any behavioral issues to speak of.  The team hosting this week was from England, and it was their first camp here ever.  I was worried a bit for them as they had many older kids in their camp who were really used to how the Swedish and Colorado teams have run their camps.  I didn’t want them to give this English team a hard time all week because of the differences that were sure to take place.  It was amazing, actually, that the kids not only did NOT complain during the week but loved the program that the team put on.  They, the kids and team, did a really great job with this camp.  It was a wonderful summer but I definitely am glad the camp season has ended now 🙂

This past week’s camp focused on the theme of “Listening”, as did the July camps.   Listening to God…listening to others etc…  The kids really enjoyed the various ways this team presented the theme.  One of the activities was especially fun in doing this.  Everyone paired up into teams of two and one was the talker and the other was the listener.  The listener had to, without speaking, show how to NOT listen while the talker told them a story.  The talkers spent more time hysterically laughing at how the listener was physically showing how they weren’t listening than telling their story.  Oh well, fun had most definitely.  And, I think the point of how we physically show someone we are listening was well taken by all!

This team also had the kids stay in their family groups for some small group activities.  The competition definitely got heated and the shouts of “I WON! I WON!” were matched with such laughter.  I just loved standing there watching these teens, some in their early 20’s, become little children again.  Such freedom is had outside of the walls of the orphanage…

Competitive Frisbee Throwing!  You would not believe how long they did this for…it was so fun watching them!!









The first day of camp I kind of made a bit of a fool of myself.  Yikes, Kels did not watch the Sarmale close enough on the stove!  A lot of laughter had by those who discovered it, and myself when I was called in to see the “bit of a problem here in the kitchen.”



One of the crafts this team brought was a “make your own guitar” deal.  I knew Caleb would freak out when he say this, and he did.  And, actually, all of the kids freaked out when they saw these kits.  There were 2 artists on the team and so when Caleb asked me to paint some lightning  bolts on his I suggested that he speak to them first.  They went crazy designing this guitar for Caleb and he still hasn’t gotten over how awesome of a job they did on it!  Caleb told me that he was now going to be a “man who sells instruments” when he grows older.  Love it.


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