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Ciabatta and Countdown

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When you countdown, do you count the final day or do you count down the days up until the final day?  I’m not making sense.  Right, example.  Do Caleb and I count Wednesday as a day or only count the days down leading up until Wednesday?  For tomorrow, Sunday, then…is it Day 4 of the countdown or Day 3?  Heck, who cares, we’re down to 1 handed counting so pretty much it’s alllll good in my opinion 🙂  The joy in Caleb, sheer delight, as he excitedly tells everyone (perhaps repeating himself everyday to everyone on the team) each day regarding how many days are left until “my adoption is over”…sigh…there are few things that have stirred my heart more as his Mom.  I just love him and love that God has allowed me to be his Mama.  Please pray though, if you don’t mind, that I receive the official court citation on Monday.  I still haven’t received the paper yet and without it I can’t go to court on Wednesday.  I mean, I have the citation for the wrong date, at the end of Sept., but supposedly there is one for the 10th on the way…

I kind of shouldn’t have 4X the Ciabatta recipe yesterday.  Ha!  Actually though, there was none to be found today AT. ALL.  My friend was going to use it to make her garlic bread recipe at lunch today and she had to buy bread instead.  Where the heck did it all go?  Yeesh!   Anyhow, it rocked.



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