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Last time I checked August should be hot.  As in really hot.  July ended cold and rainy.  Thumbs down for July.  I need my hot weather.  The hotter the better.  Today was so-so.  If tomorrow doesn’t get the heat index soaring I’m going to have some serious words with the Lord.  It is not October so it should not be 12 C outside.

Was a really peaceful weekend.  Saturday, Caleb – Alex and I attended a wedding.  The ceremony was 2 hours and 41 minutes long and involved 2 short sermons and 1 very long sermon.  Sunday morning rolled around and I just decided that I had already had my fill over extremely long sermons at the wedding so we would do church at home.  We ended up heading outside…and it was wonderful.  Wind was blowing like crazy, was pretty chilly out and you could see rain on its way.  We walked all through the outskirts of Marghita for, oh, I don’t even know how long.  Along the way, Caleb’s idea, we each picked 5 items to show each other.  We saw no one and there was barely even a car that passed out.  Just stillness.  Just peace.  I loved it.  Caleb loved collecting prunes from the trees lining the streets.  Alex kept picking up so many things that he lost everything, that is, until he found the flowers you see below.  And I did some wildflower collecting.  They are just pretty…

Lots of visitors here just now.  A good lot of them are ones who have a special connection with kids at the state orphanage.  So, I’ll be heading there quite often this week to help with translating etc…  I took the first guy over just this past Friday.  Loved being there with the kids and, especially, to see how the kids/teens reacted seeing him again.  He worked there so long ago and it’s been so long since he’s been back to visit.  One of the kids, when seeing him, jumped into his arms and wrapped his legs tight around.  He was squeling like a small child just saying this guys name over and over again.  He was so happy…and he’s in his late teens now 🙂  It was quite emotional for me to witness all of this.  To see what was back then, in this guy’s visit, and then to consider where ministry at the state orphanage is just now.  Does that make sense?  When I came home, and once Caleb and Alex were in bed, I just crashed.  It is such a wonderful exhaustion to be there with them.  So, I’ll head there tomorrow, Wednesday and possibly Friday as well.

Today I met with the lawyer for the adoption to pay him what I still owed and to get the client-lawyer contract signed.  He was trying to really be dishonest.  From the start I have said that I would never let Caleb’s adoption finish because of dishonesty or bribing.  It will finish because of God’s mighty hand and promises.  He finally stopped pushing what he was really trying to get me to agree to…I was thankful he backed down.  Still though it kind of shook the peace I had about the whole situation.  Just need to get through next Wednesday…




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