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August 10th

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My social workers told me, in the middle of July, that there was no chance – only by a miracle – for me to get assigned this last court date in August, before the courts go on vacation for a month.  Only by a miracle…and that’s exactly what happened.  There are so many thoughts and emotions that are running through me at the thought of this all being over.  True, there remains about 4-6 weeks of paperwork to be done following the adoption – and he can’t become a USA citizen until May 4th, 2013 (so more paperwork then as well…but the thing is, for the first time in 7 years Caleb will have my name and we are free to leave – or to stay 🙂

So much praying to do – so much to consider and seek the Lord about.  For starters, we will come to the States for about 5 months.  During that time we will meet with all of you there who have so faithfully upheld us during this journey.  I still do not know which date we will leave but am thinking it will be around the 1st week of October.  In addition to state-to-state hopping (in visits with many of you) I will be having some time to rest and consider where/what God is asking our two-some to do next.  I have, for now, agreed to come back by March to Marghita and run camps for another summer.  A lot of the camp work is done via e-mail, until the camp teams begin arriving in person.  This actually begins in October so I’ll be able to do this aspect of my job from the States no problem.  What is weighing most heavily on my heart is for God to provide someone to come alongside me at the orphanage this spring.  Someone – or someoneS- to whom the relationships with all of the kids can be passed over to.  Then, I could also train them in how the camp ministry runs etc…  If God is asking us to step out of Romania then it seems fitting to pray for the whoever will step in to the orphanage ministry.  And heck, if we end up staying in Romania, then I for sure will not be complaining about having prayed for extra people, and for them to be there in a team with me 🙂

I have a feeling that God is calling Caleb and I from Marghita after the camps next summer but I’m just not sure where or what to.  Who knows, maybe I’ll sense just the opposite once I’m out of Marghita??  Just feel that there’s a puzzle piece missing to our lives for ‘after’ Marghita.  Don’t know what that is yet but am certain God will reveal and lead as He sees fit.

Anyhow, August 10th…wow.  It has been an insane 7 years, that’s for sure…wow.

Some fun shots from this week:  My funky, Swedish tomatoes are ripening like crazy.  They are SO good!  Seriously…as in I’m not lying, these striped suckers ROCK!  Alex and Caleb cracked themselves up at breakfast this morning trying to get Alex’s first front tooth loose enough to fall out.  I wondered why Caleb was being so quiet the other day….a roll of tape and a bit of creativity finally greeted me in the kitchen!  This is the first bread I’m giving a go in my awesome bread cookbook that I got for my birthday!





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  1. YAY for that 4th picture! 😉


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