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You may remember that quite the crime was committed during the first week of camp back in June.  Thankfully the victim suddenly came back to life and since then we’ve had no further incidents.  That is, until the Colorado team arrived.

One of their team members just wasn’t feeling well.  She needed immediate surgery.  Thankfully we had a wooden deck that could substitute for an operating room.  A table and sheet were quickly grabbed, and we all sat down to watch the surgeon do his job.



A shoe!  Wow, definitely needed to come out.  But wait…there’s more…  (and just so you  know there was liquid being squirted at all of us each time an object was removed.)


A wooden block?  A football?  A weird yellow rubber thing?

But she was still in pain…what else needed to come out?

Oh, that’s right, her boyfriend 🙂

Hey! Have you guys seen these peaches yet?  First time I’ve ever seen them.  They were grown in Romania (I try to buy locally if at all possible – so it made me happy!) and were so sweet.  Someone said they might be called Doughnut Peaches in the States?  Our are 5 Lei/Kilo.


I heard this song for the first time this past week.  Kind of sat on my heart as I thought and prayed for the state orphanage kids this week….and for the former Casa Alba kids.  As the words kept coming to mind it turned more into a prayer over their lives.

Please pray with me as we head into this fifth camp in..well only a half  hour from now!

Also, on the adoption front.  Had a last minute homestudy last week, and in addition, needed to get all of the papers for the final court date pulled together.  The Director of Child Protection has switched and so it is a bit chaotic there with the change.  My application to be RE-approved to adopt (you are only approved for 1 year at a time and mine expires beginning of August) still has NOT been approved.  The old director did not approval before he left and the new one, or so I was told, hasn’t had time to look at it yet.  Just a lot going on – kind of overwhelming emotionally.  Would appreciate your prayers.  Oh, and they told me now that there was no way I would go to court in August – save for a miracle.  They guess I will go, instead, the 7th of September.  Whew – okay – we’re going to get through this!  Thanks for all of your prayers and support in this!


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