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Sucks.  For real.  We’re pretty sure that I was scratched by an open stalk of Giant Hogweed (that I think someone had cut down to try and kill it).  The reaction was immediate and my foot, the one that was scratched, has seen much better days.  About 4pm on Thursday was when it happened and I am grateful that the antibiotics seem to be working and that ice/propping my foot up, is helping to reduce the pain.  It. hurts. a. whole. heck. of. a. lot.  Now, onto the fashion style of someone who has come into contact with hogweed.  Let me tell you, I was making waves in the fashion world today sporting two socks on my left foot all day, while none on the other.  The thing is, you can’t let any UV rays come near where the hogweed attacked your skin.  If you do, you’ll pay BIG TIME.  As in, pay for months – sometimes even years – down the road.  No way, Kels is not signing up to go on that boat.  I will proudly sport my double tube sock on the left foot!  Although the pressure from the sock brought on a ton of pain so as soon as I was indoors I stripped down.  Just the sock, that is 🙂

Last night, before I started the antibiotic, I was pretty scared.  I didn’t want to let anyone know how fast the bright purple/red rash was spreading – nor how it burned to the touch – nor how much pain I was in.  See, the hospital here kind of freaks me out.  Thankfully God sent a few people my way who, I think, kind of saw through my bluff.  First a friend, then her Mom who is a nurse, who then called her brother who is a Doctor.  We created a phone – Skype chain with all 4 of us and in about 20 minutes I had a diagnosis and the correct treatment prescribed.  Double thankful for all of the antibiotics from Todd and Rocio at my apartment – I had exactly what I needed.  The rash, by this morning, had changed color (much lighter red and purple) was only hot to the touch (instead of burning) and the swelling had, just a bit, gone down.  Hasn’t been much change throughout the day today and the pain has worsened.  But, I have a feeling that’s b/c I have walked so much on it.  When it’s propped up w/ ice, as it is now, I don’t notice the pain hardly at all.  Praying for the antibiotic to continue to work well so that I’m not a gimp at camp all week.  Plus, I have some very beautiful shoes to wear at Jonte and Courtney’s wedding on Saturday….they must be worn!!

Okay, off from the Hogweed topic and onto camp!

Many of the former Casa Alba children came to camp this past week.  It was a time of reunion, joy, extremely hard work, frustration, learning, growth, laughter and sweat.  For some reason I love hot weather.  (100F, no problem, bring it on.  Unfortunately, I seem to be in the minority on this one 🙂 )  Anyhow, it was a crazy week.  Just some thoughts that have been going round my head and heart since saying goodbye to them on Thursday.

1.  Just because these kids have left Casa Alba does not mean that they are no longer in need of constant prayer – for both them and their foster families.

2. Just because these kids have permanent foster families does not mean that they are doing well…in fact, it seems to have exposed their RADS to an even further degree.

3.  The parents of these children should be uplifted in prayer continually…I have not been doing this.

4.  These children should never have been put in the category of — out of sight, out of mind.  I have done this…so wrong of me to have done this.

5.  Being put into a family was THE BEST decision/plan for each and every one of these children.  They have grown so much – physically, emotionally etc…  Many of their institutional characteristics have changed – wow, so encouraging to see!  Hearing them use the words of “Mama” and “Tata”, “Sora”, “Frate”, when describing their families…it warmed my heart.

Some of you fought, literally, everyday through prayer for these children to have forever families.  Do you still have their photos posted on your fridge?  Please begin uplifting them in prayer again.  There were so many moments this week when various individuals on the team would just say “How in the world do their parents deal with this child’s behaviour on a daily basis?  How?”

Yes, in some ways, this was how the week went.  Us just being in complete disbelief of how much the children suffer from RADS as we struggled to work with all of the different children through the camp program each day.  It was extremely tiring, both emotionally and physically.  Seeing these children, knowing why they act the way they do – it doesn’t necessarily make it easier.  The burden for them and the hurt for their original abandonment was brought to the surface each time we encountered a problem.  I think it was good for me to experience this, actually.  I really had pushed these kids away when they left.  I should have drawn them closer in prayer – both for them and their families.  I had no idea…

The deal is this though.  The JOY – the LAUGHTER – the HUGS – the twinkling, smiling eyes….wow.  It was all there during the week.  Although we saw some of these kids behaving their worst, we also saw who God had really created them to be.  So many times during the week I caught myself in tears in sheer delight at seeing these children FREE IN JOY.  Honestly, that’s the only way I can put it.  Little ones who I tickled and changed diapers at 2years old, now giggling in laughter at 9, as they pumped themselves on the swing.  The overwhelming blessing of getting to know these children again, and see the changes God has brought into their lives through families, will be forever etched into my heart’s memory.  They SANG.  Oh my, they sang their hearts out.  And they remembered some of the songs I had written for them years ago when I used to do program for them at Casa Alba.  I just couldn’t believe it.  They opened up during small group time and worked together as a group.  They splashed each other and us leaders in the pool with such delight.  How courageous, respectful and fearless they are becoming.  Oh Jesus, continue the plans You began so long ago for their part in Your plan for Romania.

And Mihai, he told me the truth.  (Remember Mihai?)  I thought he was lying and I was really firm with him.  He began to cry.  My instinct was that he was making it up.  But I didn’t know what to do.  I told him we’d speak again in 10 minutes.  Within that time frame we realized that he was, in fact, telling the truth.  I apologized and asked him to forgive me.  Oh how the tables have turned…I was wrong, needed to ask for forgiveness, not him.  That was humbling.

The Colorado team did a fantastic job this week leading this camp.  Many of them were pretty drained coming into the camp so I definitely have to give them props for giving it their all!  The theme for this week was “Ascultare”, as was the previous camp.  One of the evening skits really got the kids involved.  They were given paper plates with different faces drawn on.  Behind a strung up curtain, the team members verbally acted out an emotion.  The kids had to listen to how the voices sounded, then hold up the paper plate that matched the voices.  Check it out…


Well, more details tomorrow from this past week’s camp.  Can’t just stick all the fun into 1 post now, can we?


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  1. Ouch. Even though I am on holidays for another 24 hours, the nurse inside me really gets worried here. Well, seems that the most acute phase is over. Good! 🙂 Great to hear about this camp too, about what has happened to the Casa Alba kids and the prayer subjects. Get well, sister.


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