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So many of you will remember praying, earnestly, a few years back for all of the Casa Alba orphanage children to receive forever families.  This week’s camp, beginning tomorrow, is for THOSE KIDS!

I can barely wait.

As in, I am overly excited.

Or, in other words, picture Kelsey so happy and freaking out (kind of easy maybe) and that’s how I’m feeling about reuniting with these kids for 4 days!

If you could pray for Caleb, though, I’d really appreciate it.  He has a fever and a very red throat, and crawled into bed at 19:15 and fell asleep straight away.  He just feels awful.  I feel awful because I feel that he’s sick due to my insane schedule this summer, which, of course, he is being dragged along through as well.  This week’s camp he’ll actually be a part of.  He was so looking forward to it.  After putting up with the state orphanage camps, he definitely deserves a week that is with his friends and on his level.  Hoping that he’ll be conked out the entire night and wake up rested and healed.


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