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In light of this, I think that I will be an old lady tonight and go to bed relatively soon.  (It’s 8:46pm just now.)  Maybe by 9:30 even?  Can I update you all tomorrow instead from today?  Very long day at camp, very tiring.  Plus, I’ve got a sink full of dishes to be washed and my bed is 3/4 clean clothes needing to be folded and put away.  I’m so very thankful that I was able to leave camp just after 5 today, instead of getting home with Caleb around 8.  Caleb was actually in bed on time tonight – so, so thankful for this.  I’ll fill you all in tomorrow instead, although, I will share that I was able to avoid being thrown into the pool today.  Pretty proud that I was able to pull this off.  I thought it was going to be raining this afternoon so I didn’t bring my suit with me.  Me=wrong again.  What happened this afternoon?  First time in days that the sun popped out and the temperature rose.  Just too tempting for one of the translators and some of the current team – Kelsey fully clothed, yet at the pool.  But, God is good :), and I walked away fairly dry from the attempts!


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