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the cows come home

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Just so you know, they do that here in Romania.  That phrase came from somewhere at sometime and whether or not that was Romania, I have no idea.  What I do know is that the cows come home, every night at the same time.  Well, with a bit of difference between seasons.  During the winter it’ll be almost 6pm exactly.  Now, it’s between 8pm and 8:10pm.  Last night Caleb and I had to do multiple trips back and forth to the camp facility.  On our last trip back to Marghita we were stopped by…that’s right, the cows coming home.  You have to be careful driving through them because each cow knows exactly where its home is.  So without warning they just turn off to their gate.  Definitely snapped some photos – thought it would be fun for you to see a bit of what we experience quite regularly.  Sorry the photos are with my phone – they aren’t so stellar!

Madelen and I, along with one of the team members from Colorado, drove out to the orphanage this morning to pick up the next group of kids.  The van I was in was absolutely insane.  I didn’t know what to do OTHER than just burst out laughing the entire trip.  The questions, the yelling, the squeals, the complaining about camp, the questions, the yelling, the squeals, the complaining about camp…non stop for 40 minutes.  The past 2 camps were with kids that I knew pretty well and was close to.  This camp is the main one of kids that I know the least.  I was lovin’ the fact that Madelen’s name was called out in the car 100 times more often than mine!  (Since my name was 1st in line the past two camps it seemed 🙂 )

It’s an interesting camp, for me at least.  My role has changed considerably since I am no so close to these kids.  I know all of them, have spent time with all of them, but they have such strong relationships with this team from Colorado…dating back to even 2005 for some of them.  Translating will take most of my time during this camp.  It’s special actually, to be able to translate with such deep relations b/t the kids and team members.  Today even I translated a very emotional discussion between “V” and one team member.  “V”‘s was sharing about something that he is going through right now that is extremely difficult for him.  At one point he could no longer lift his head and just began crying over the weight of this situation.  Tears filled my eyes as I translated for the team member and “V” knowing that I would have never had the opportunity otherwise to see into “V”‘s life, or to see the extent of his relationship with this particular team member.  It would have taken a long time for “V” to trust me with this information otherwise.  Yet, by translating, I am given access into his life.  It overwhelmed me, burdened me for “V” in a new way, and definitely brought me to tears as he cried.

The thoughts rolling through my mind after this conversation.  I mean, these kids do not have parents nor even 1 adult that they can say is “theirs.”  They grew up with “staff” as parents – sometimes 18 kids to 1 adult.  These teams, when they come out, it’s like Mom – Dad – Brother – Sister, have finally arrived.  All of the emotion, hurts, excitement is saved for this 1 week when they are with their “family.”  I miss my family like crazy.  These kids, they feel the same way for these teams coming in the summer.  They just miss their “family” like crazy…

Theme for this week is “Ascultare” = Listening.  I’m excited to see how the kids respond to the challenges of this theme!


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