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The competition continues….

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So, the gauntlet has been laid down…again.  My good friend, Jonte, (engaged to my good friend, Courtney) and I have had some friendly kitchen competition over the years.  By the way, complete side note, don’t you just love it when you are good friends with both the people getting married?  I have missed out on so many weddings of dear friends since being here in Romania, and even my little sister’s 😦  So, needless to say, I am filled with such joy not only because I know Court and Jonte so well, but by the mere fact that I can BE at their beautiful wedding celebration in a few weeks.

Okay, back to the main topic – Jonte’s most recent kitchen challenge.  Monday night he skyped me with the following dare…

[6/27/2011 10:08:12 PM] Jonte bjork: Ok. Miss.
I challenge you in Cherry lemonade....
Mine just turned out SOOooo Lovely 
that even your Mustach turns curly
[6/27/2011 10:16:06 PM] Jonte bjork: 
We should find a impartial judge

Now, news to me, I have a mustache!  I had no idea so, first off, thanks Jonte for filling me in on that one.

My response to him, after rubbing my upper lip for about 5 minutes for any trace of something that looks like his,

[6/27/2011 10:08:39 PM] Kelsey Winters: YOU ARE ON!

[6/27/2011 10:08:40 PM] Kelsey Winters: 
i have dabbed in lemonade before
[6/27/2011 10:09:05 PM] Kelsey Winters: 
been feelin' the need to pull out that 
recipe again anyhow since you've 
started the strawberry lemonade business

[6/27/2011 10:09:11 PM] Kelsey Winters: 
hope you enjoy losing.....

To clarify, Jonte and Court want to have strawberry lemonade at their wedding so, a few weeks ago, he began making a concentrate by the bucketload.  Seeing him make all that lemonade kind of sparked my interest in trying lemonade again.  Just so you know that I wasn’t lying in what I typed to him!  I wasn’t lying either about the losing part 🙂

So far he and I have gone head to head on….

Twinkies (judging both the filling and cake separately, as well as overall taste and appearance.  we’re still bickering over who actually won this.)

Bagels (although i never let him try mine.  didn’t need to, saw his and knew i won – ha!)

Various breads with wild yeast starters (ummm, he pretty much kicked my rear every time!)

More than compete we also pick apart what each person has made each time they’ve cooked (well almost every time).  We talk through cooking methods, different recipes and are honest when the meat is too tough (me) or the goulash is way too spicy (him).  I think, though, he has me beat on wings – hands down.  I’m not even going to try.  The homemade hot sauce with the wings – beats Buffa Louie’s.  Sorry, B-ton folk, it just does.

Ohhhh Bloomington food…sigh…someday, someday Kels will be back.  Such a shame that Burmese Gems is no longer there, though.  How many of the 4th street restaurants do you think I can actually drag Caleb into 🙂  Or, non 4th St. restaurants – I mean, can’t miss out on Dragon Express or Mother Bear’s, can we?  The food and the smell of a practice room – 2 very distinct IU memories 🙂

Aaghgh, so distracted!

Since a lot of the posts lately have been a bit heavy I thought I’d fill you in on the cherry lemonade deal so you can see a fun part of life here in Marghita as well!  Now, who will be the impartial judge?  The problem is that Courtney is usually the judge and well, with Jonte batting his eyes at her each time, I’m not sure I get fair treatment!

Since camp ended I thought I might have a day off – I definitely thought wrong.  I’ve agreed to be the person coordinating everything having to do with the new camp facility.  Wasn’t sure exactly how this was to look or be and it’s kind of a learning process.  Anyhow, there’s a group there, as of this morning, and I needed to be there yesterday getting ready for them – as well as this morning.  Need to head out tomorrow morning to bring supplies to them, that we weren’t able to have prepared for by today.  Every time I set the phone down it starts ringing again.  In a strange way, I kind of really like it.  I was worried how I would cope with this summer.  How I would handle the waiting for the final court date?  I think staying busy will most definitely help with forgetting when and what lies ahead in about a month.  If I have time to think about it, the emotions are too much…

And, speaking of emotions, how about being able to go to Taco Bell – WITH Caleb? (Like that subject change? Ha!)


The tears of joy are flowing now in anticipation for that day – that moment.  My son hates flour tortillas.  He’ll have to go for the crunchy.  Derek, my brother-in-law, thinks that I don’t use Taco Bell’s menu to its full advantage.  See, I only order what I’ve ordered since middle school.  2 soft tacos and a nacho.  Simple.  Perfection.  Derek was so disappointed in me the last time we went together, encouraging me to explore the menu more…  Maybe Caleb will be able to redeem me somehow when ordering.

Hello random post.  Really random.  Hey, sometimes you need that!

More randomness you say?  It’s pouring rain outside.  My apartment rocks in terms of storm and rain watching 🙂  Top floor, see out over Marghita.  Love it.  So thankful for this miracle apartment.  And, so thankful for the rain…especially since I did not water my garden at the volunteer house today…whoops!


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