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(Lost internet last night through late this morning…a bit late, sorry!)

Yesterday marked the final day of camp for the 2nd group of kids.   Many of them, from what I overheard, ran from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other.  Their insecurities, and anger over having to return to the orphanage, translated into rude comments only to be followed by the whispered words, a few minutes later when pulling out of the driveway, of “I’ll miss you. Goodbye.”

There need to be more people here serving these kids year round.  I remember in high school how I always wished I could just do group projects on my own.  Working with others was just annoying, half of them never cared, and the final product was usually something I wasn’t proud of due to the varying degrees of motivation in the group.  Thank goodness I was never allowed to be my own group – had to learn how to work with others.  Thinking back on the past 2 years with these state orphanage kids…  Even when we were 2 going to the kids together, it still was too few.  Now, just being 1, the need for more people has become glaringly evident especially after these 2 weeks of camp.  I think my heart hardened more over these past 6 months than what I realized.  The needs were just too great for me to be there alone.  Just didn’t realize it until I was working with the kids with a group again!  Group work does require more effort but it is so worth it.  The emotional, spiritual and physical burden is shared.  I have never, in my entire life, so desperately prayed to be assigned a group, as I am now, to work together with at the orphanage.  The taste of the group after these 1st two camps has lit a fire in my heart.  Jesus, assign some people to this project of Yours!  I’m not in 10th grade anymore wishing I was doing  my Romeo and Juliet project alone! 🙂  It would also be a huge burden lifted to know that if I left, which is a huge discussion b/t the Lord and I just now, that there would be people to transition into the ministry with these kids.

Please pray with me for this….please.

As of 13:35 today the Swedes have vacated Marghita.  Sad to see them go but such thankfulness for how God used them all for these past two weeks.  Some of the Colorado team has already arrived, the rest come on Saturday.  Definitely excited about seeing them and embarking on the next 3 camps!  The first of these begins on the 4th of July.  My poor, poor teammates…since I’m at camp I won’t be able to play the “wonderful” patriotic CD that I have,  allllll day long at the volunteer house.  Think I could convince one of the Swedes, or one of our UK-ers to fill in for me?  Nope, didn’t think so – dang it.

This morning was spent helping the team get some last minute things done, like purchasing gas and photo albums, and then, once they left, the couch in our volunteer house and I had some great time bonding.  It felt so good to not talk.  Not do anything.  I have tomorrow off and then Thursday afternoon Alex comes to us through Sunday afternoon.

I’ll save you from an emotional breakdown on the subject of Alex for the time being.  Short story: Aunt Kelsey has been missing him like crazy and apparently the little man has not done well with Aunt Kelsey being gone so much.  How in the world will the transition to the new family in September work?  Oh Jesus, calm my heart – prepare theirs and may Alex have a peaceful transition, Amin.

Well, going to end on a fun note in honor of the Swedes who were just here.  Actually, I thought I could make it into a bit of a contest.  If you’re not a Swede (strictly enforced – see my finger pointed in your direction?) feel free to try and translate some of the “poetic” bits below.  Send me an e-mail –  if you get the most correct, I’ll send you something fun from Marghita.    These are 2 of our fridges in our volunteer house.  Makes me want to learn Swedish just so I can be part of the game…  Feel like I miss out by only randomly getting the newest phrases translated every once in a while.  Then again, some of the translations I could just do without.  Would be fun to see who put together which words…hmmmm….maybe some fasting on behalf of my poetic friends needs to be planned…  Anyone willing to claim their handiwork below? 🙂


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