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2 camps down, 4 to go…plus the ones in between :)

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Hey, no post yesterday.  Sorry!  And, I’m just going to be honest.  I’m exhausted.  As in so tired that even communicating with Caleb this morning takes every bit of energy I have.  Opted for no coffee this morning, too.  I think I’ve been drinking too much of it to get through the camps and my stomach has been killing me with eating the Romanian foods every day at camp.  Going to try to be kind to my insides today 🙂  Anyhow, need to get out the door to show the Swedish team around the different FCE projects here in town.  Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to get around to updating you all on the last day of camp.  And, hey, I’m not complaining about being tired because these camps have been the biggest encouragement and joy for me in probably about a year.  Just stating the ‘fact of tired’, not whining 🙂  Thank you all for your prayers and heart for these kids!


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